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26 06, 2018

Indoor Air Quality Questions

Air Quality|

Positive & Negative Influences On Your Air Quality There are a wide range of different things that can be good for, or bad for, your home’s air quality. You may be surprised by the things in your home that work to reduce unwanted elements within you air, and also by the things [...]

25 06, 2018

What Not to Put Down Your Garbage Disposal


These Handy Tips Will Help You Avoid Garbage Disposal Repairs It’s July again, and most Phoenix, AZ families are celebrating Independence Day and other festivities with fun backyard cookouts and picnics. While time spent outside with family is fun, the cleanup required can be a pain. Uneaten food and food waste such [...]

14 05, 2018

Stay Cool In High Temperatures With These Tips


How To Survive The Heat If Your AC Is Malfunctioning The spring and summer temperatures in Arizona can be unforgiving, even a threat to your health. Younger children and the elderly in particular are especially at risk of health concerns caused by high heat and caregivers advised to take precautions during extreme [...]

26 04, 2018

Plumbing System Maintenance

Saving Money|

Prevent Expensive Plumbing Issues With Inspection & Water Heater Flush It’s easy to forget how much your home’s plumbing system works for you day in and day out. From washing dishes, cleaning clothes and bathing to having clean cooking and drinking water, reliably flowing water is a necessity. A disruption in flow [...]

20 03, 2018

Energy Saving Tips for Summer

Saving Energy|

5 Tips For Energy-Efficient Cooling In Hot Temperatures You don’t need to be told that it gets hot during the Phoenix summer, but did you know that air conditioning accounts for over half of your energy usage when temperatures are high? Hobaica has five energy saving tips for you this summer, so [...]

29 08, 2017

Air Pollution

Air Quality|

The Lowdown on Indoor & Outdoor  Air Pollution in Phoenix, AZ Phoenix, AZ has recently been ranked by the American Lung Association as one of the most polluted cities in the US. This means that residents are at an increased risk for serious health problems, including asthma attacks, cardiovascular consequence and even premature [...]

7 07, 2017

Community Service Spotlight

Hobaica Awards and Causes|

When A Scottsdale Neighbor Was In Need, We Were There to Help This summer’s record-breaking temperatures in Phoenix have melted trash cans, strained the power grid and grounding flights out of Sky Harbor. With this heat, it’s vital to have a reliable air conditioner to cool your home. But when local Scottsdale retiree Glen [...]

25 05, 2017

EPA: R-22 Refrigerant Phase Out

Consumer Alerts|

R-22 Refrigerant Phase Out: What You Need To Know If you have an AC unit in Phoenix, AZ that was installed before 2010, it’s likely you will have to address the recent HCFC (R-22) refrigerant regulations put into place by the EPA. Determining how it will affect you and your system is a bit [...]

2 05, 2017

2016 Rebate Top 10 Contractor Award Goes to Hobaica

Hobaica Awards and Causes|

Hobaica is Proud to Announce We Received Arizona Public Service Co.'s Top 10 HVAC Contractor Award Over the years, Hobaica’s team has dedicated itself to perfecting quality service. That is why we are excited about being recognized as the 2016 Rebate Top 10 Contractor by the Arizona Public Service Co, the largest electric utility [...]

17 04, 2017

Laundry – A Cleaner Way

Saving Energy|

The Only Environmentally Friendly Laundry System That Functions Without the Use of Detergent If there was just one easy switch you could make in your home to pay mind to skin allergies, removing harsh chemicals from your life, AND the health of the environment, would you make it? People have been doing laundry [...]

17 03, 2017

Helping the Homeless – One Bag at a Time

Community Involvement|

Our Contribution to the Phoenix Homeless Community Homelessness in Phoenix, AZ Approximately one out of every 184 Arizonans are homeless. With as much as 30% of those being children and teens, the problem is especially troubling. The homeless are at a much higher risk for: Serious health complications, including malnutrition, tuberculosis and [...]

26 08, 2016

Hobaica Services Community Involvement – Phoenix AZ

Community Involvement|

Hobaica Supports Providence Rebuild 2016 Recently Hobaica Services, Inc. participated in an important community service project called Providence Rebuild 2016. In cooperation with other local Phoenix businesses, Hobaica donated both time and materials to rebuild The Providence House of Refuge. This house is a temporary home for a homeless mother and her children, getting them [...]

19 07, 2016

The History of Hobaica

Community Involvement|

Who is Hobaica? If you are familiar with Hobaica, then you know that we are a company you can trust to meet your heating and cooling needs. You also know that our company has been around for quite a while, and our mission is to provide uncompromising quality and service. But do you know [...]

14 07, 2016

Hobaica Services Sponsors Clarendon Little League

Community Involvement|

Play Ball! Hobaica Services helped to make that possible for many children in Phoenix community by sponsoring the Blue Diamondbacks in the Clarendon Little League this past season. While the Arizona Diamondbacks were a leading league sponsor, Hobaica’s contributing sponsorship helped to purchase the necessary equipment for this machine pitch level team. The Blue Diamondbacks [...]

16 06, 2016

Service with a Smile, and a Red Nose!

Hobaica Awards and Causes|

On May 26th of this year Hobaica employees provided our usual customer service with a smile...and a very unusual  red nose! We participated in National Red Nose Day by donning red noses to help raise money for children living in poverty. Red Nose Day is both a fundraiser and a funraiser, as the results are [...]

16 06, 2016

Customer Service – Extra Sweet!

Hobaica Awards and Causes|

When customers hire Hobaica for HVAC service, they expect a knowledgeable technician to arrive at their door and perform the service in an efficient, respectful manner. But during a recent service call, one of our technicians took the company mission statement - “treat others how you want to be treated” to a whole new level. [...]

22 03, 2014

Talking about indoor air pollutants

Consumer Information|

Home is a place where you put your feet up to relax and breathe in plenty of fresh and healthy air. But many homes are filled with polluted air, so here are three of the main air pollutants and ways of dealing with them. Biological Pollutants If you have mold growing around your bathroom window [...]

19 02, 2014

Tame Runaway Power Bills With Tight Ductwork

Consumer Information|

Air ducts are used in forced air cooling and heating systems to supply conditioned air into a building. The ductwork is usually hidden in basements, attics, ceiling and inside the walls, which makes it almost impossible for the average person to notice any air leaks. When heated or cooled air leaks, not only will your [...]

15 01, 2014

The Lifespan of Heat Pumps

Consumer Information, Heat Pumps|

Many homeowners in Phoenix have a heat pump for their swimming pool. This type of unit keeps the water at a comfortable temperature for swimming. However, heating pumps are ideal for keeping the air temperature stable in your home as well. A heat pump is efficient to run and can operate at a quarter of [...]

1 12, 2013

Maximize Energy Efficiency in Your Phoenix Home

Consumer Information, How-to's|

Visualizing the walls of your house as a huge storage space for a maze of connected ducts is a highly effective tool for accomplishing consistent energy efficiency.  Just as no chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, no overall energy system is more efficient than its most inefficient component. Your home comfort system [...]

15 11, 2013

Copper Theft in Phoenix

Consumer Alerts, Consumer Information|

Copper theft is fast becoming a nationwide problem due to the rising prices of this precious metal. The cases of theft usually involve any product that has copper content in it, but air conditioners are now becoming an easy target for thieves since AC units are typically outside and on the ground. Evaluating the price [...]

11 11, 2013


BEGIN Program|

Phoenix Residents Selected to Receive New Heating & Cooling System[Phoenix, Ariz.] - Nov. 07, 2013 – Gregory and Kassandra Lang of Phoenix have beenselected to receive the installation of a free heating and cooling system on their home fromHobaica Services, Inc., a Phoenix-based heating and cooling contractor.The giveaway is part of Hobaica Services' BEGIN program, [...]

30 05, 2013

Are Pleated Filters for You?

Air Quality, Consumer Alerts|

If you live in Phoenix, you will often find the air outside your home to be beautiful and clear. The air inside the home on the other hand, can have potential allergens, pet dander, and pollen, along with, mold spores, viruses and bacteria, all of which are made up of particulates, that can be hazardous [...]

20 05, 2013

Mini Splits Make Significant Advances with Inverter Technology

Consumer Information, Saving Energy, Saving Money|

Ductless mini split air conditioning units are now creating waves in the U.S. marketplace, although the technology has been in existence for some time. Despite the technological advances in the quality and cost associated with equipment utilized in the heating and cooling industries, in both residences and commercial organizations, these mini split units are still [...]

16 05, 2013

Did Somebody Mention Wine?

Consumer Information|

Thinking about a wine cellar for your home or business?  There are three very important considerations when building a wine cellar—light, humidity and wine cellar temperature. Dark cool places are a friend to wine.  Your wine cellar should be dark to protect your collection from UV rays (aka direct sunlight) as it destroys important organic [...]

10 01, 2013

Technicians with NATE Certification get the job Done Right First Time

Consumer Information, Hobaica Credentials, Saving Energy, Saving Money|

The comfort systems in your home --- heating, cooling, air cleaning and ventilating --- require a significant investment. Nowadays, home comfort systems are extremely sophisticated, in contrast to their predecessors of several decades ago. Most residents are dependent on at least one of these systems each day. And with anything that can impact the comfort [...]

15 12, 2012

Sometimes You Just Need to Vent

Air Quality, Consumer Information, How-to's|

Since the attic is not a part of the home normally inhabited, it can easily be ignored.  Many homeowners may not appreciate the need for proper ventilation of the attic.  Solar heat on the roof can cause the space to become very hot.  Without proper insulation and ventilation, the heat is often transferred through the [...]

26 09, 2012


BEGIN Program, Consumer Information, Hobaica Awards and Causes|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Contact:   Kevin Nutt 602.571.0739 kevin@kggroupmarketing.com NOMINATE A FAMILY IN NEED OF A NEW COOLING & HEATING UNIT Hobaica Services to give away 8 comfort systems as part of BEGIN Campaign September 19, 2012, Phoenix, AZ – Louis Hobaica, owner of Hobaica Services, announced the 4th Annual Kick-Off of the BEGIN Program, Business [...]

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