Radiant Floor Heating

Is Radiant Floor Heating is Right for You?

Radiant floor heating is a great way to keep your house warm and cozy. The knowledgeable technicians at Hobaica will install radiant floor heating to your new or existing Phoenix area home. A family business since 1952, Hobaica continues to make your comfort our top priority.

Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating

What are some the the reasons Hobaica customers choose radiant floor heating? Some of the main benefits include:

  • Comfort – When your feet are warm, you feel more comfortable and cozier! Radiant floors warm you from the ground up.
  • Energy Efficient – Radiant heat allows you to feel equally warm at a lower temperature. Radiant floor heating will even allow you to lower your heating costs by about 25%.
  • Healthier Air – Because radiant floor heating doesn’t rely on moving air through ducts like many other traditional heating methods, it doesn’t pollute your indoor air with the dust or pollen that collects in ductwork.
  • Child Friendly – Your children will feel the warmth of radiant floor heating, but there are no dangerously hot radiators, no accessible buttons to push, and no vents to drop toys into.
  • Clean Design – Unlike other heating systems, radiant floor heating is unobtrusive. There is nothing to see except a clean floor, and no elements that will interfere with furniture placement or decor.

Why Choose Us?
When you choose Hobaica to install your radiant floor heating, you can expect a licensed technician who is both friendly and knowledgeable. Our midsize company is large enough to serve you, and small enough to prioritize values such as honesty and integrity. With our flat rate pricing, you’ll know the price of  your installation before we get started, so there will be no surprises and no worries!  We look forward to installing your radiant floor heating to help make your house a warm and comfortable home!

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