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Residential Maintenance Plan
(Preferred Comfort Plan) - A Hobaica Services Preventative Maintenance Program

A New Preferred Comfort Plan with Hobaica Services is your choice for more advantages and benefits than ever before! Relax knowing that your comfort system has our guarantee of superior attention.

Our team of quality trained technicians will keep your air conditioner in tip top condition. Your system will receive scheduled attention in order to avoid problems before they occur. And when an unexpected problem does arise, you are our priority.

Benefits for you:

Discount - Agreement customers receive up to 15% discount on repair parts and labor.

Lifetime part warranty* - Lifetime warranty on all parts installed by Hobaica Services during agreement period. Agreement must be continually maintained for coverage.
*Labor and warranty parts not covered.

Free air filter* - Free 1” standard disposable air filter during agreement maintenance call of the following sizes: 16x25x1, 20x20x1, 20x25x1 or 20x30x1.
*all other 1” sizes are available for customer pick up at Hobaica Services office at no charge. Call for availability first.

Extended warranty* - Agreement customers receive 1 year warranty on repair parts and labor.
*non agreement members receive a 30 day warranty.

Labor warranty - With qualifying new equipment installed by Hobaica Services, repair labor is under warranty in years 1-5 with consecutive
agreement coverage.

No overtime charges - With qualifying new equipment installed by Hobaica Services, no overtime fees for emergency service in years 1-5 with consecutive agreement coverage.



Senior citizen discount - 10% discount on the Preferred Comfort Plan agreement purchase for customers 60 years of age or older.

Multi-year agreement discount - You receive a 10% discount on a multi-year agreement.
*Only 1 discount per agreement.

Preferred treatment - You receive expedited preferred service response during agreement period.

Peace of mind - You receive automatic periodic inspections. Your equipment receives preventative maintenance to spot problems before they cause inconvenience, for peak performance and trouble free operation.

Lower operating costs - Studies taken have proven that regular maintenance can significantly reduce operating costs and improve effectiveness.

Service at your convenience - We automatically notify you when you are due for service. We offer two time frames, morning or afternoon to accommodate your schedule. And because we don’t expect you to spend your day waiting for us, we always make phone contact before sending our technician to your home.

Competent experts you can trust - Our trained and skilled experts know their business and your equipment. Rely on them and our reputation to give you fast, dependable and honest service.

Air Conditioning System Check-up

  • Check thermostat operation
  • Check filter and inform customer of condition
  • Inspect fused disconnect
  • Inspect wiring and tighten electrical connections
  • Inspect contactors, relays and operating controls
  • Measure capacity rating of all run capacitors
  • Inspect indoor blower and motor for debris build up
  • Inspect belt and adjust tension
  • Inspect bearings and lubricate all moving parts
  • Inspect and clear condensate drain
  • Inspect indoor coil
  • Inspect outdoor coil and clean as needed
  • Measure voltage and amperage of all motors
  • Visually inspect for refrigerant leaks
  • Measure and record refrigerant pressures
  • Measure and record refrigerant superheat
  • Measure and record refrigerant subcooling
  • Measure system temperature split
  • Measure and record ducting static pressure
  • Measure carbon monoxide levels
  • Inspect duct seal at unit and secure panels
  • Inspect for natural gas leaks at equipment

Preferred Comfort Plans