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Fans Add Comfort to Your Home
It may seem pointless to use a ceiling fan while your air conditioner is running, but ceiling fans can actually significantly increase the comfort level…
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Save Money with A/C Maintenance
The Air Conditioning Unit in your home is a big investment. So, you want to keep it running efficiently at the minimum expense.  Let’s face…
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HEPA Air Filters 101
The “HEPA" in HEPA air filters stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air A true HEPA filter is widely regarded as the ultimate filter. HEPA filters…
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All Hail . . . .its possible damange.
In October 2010 Phoenix experienced a freak hail storm that wreaked havoc on roofs, cars and thousands of air conditioning units in Central and West…
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Simple Steps to Save You Money!
  Use an automatic setback thermostat!  If you keep your temperature at 78° when you’re at home, and then 85° when you’re not. You will…
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Top Five Symptoms Your Home AC System Needs Service
In Arizona, air conditioning is a serious matter.  When your home air conditioning unit is not running efficiently,  not only are you in danger of…
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Is Your Indoor Air Clean
Is Your Indoor Air Clean? Did you know that we spend more than 70% of our lives inside our homes? Oddly enough, the air in…
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How-to: Monsoons & Your A/C Unit
Monsoons & Your A/C Unit Our monsoon season has arrived and so has the late afternoon and early evening monsoons…don’t you just love it? Unfortunately,…
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