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Weatherizing Your Arizona Home

When living in Arizona, one of the certainties of life is that summers will be long and hot.  As a result the power bills will reflect the hard work the HVAC system must do to keep your home comfortable.  By taking steps in weatherizing your home, Arizona homeowners are taking a step in the right direction to lower their power bills without sacrificing their comfort.  Instead, weatherizing your home will help to increase your comfort while in the home.

Weatherizing Your Home to Prevent Winter Heat Gain

Windows are a major source of heat gain in the home.  Solar energy moves through the glass and the resulting heat is trapped inside the home.  Heat gain through the windows can be prevented in simple ways.  Install blinds or sun reflective drapes to keep the heat out of the home.  Another alternative is to add reflective film or window screens.  If within the budget, consider installing Energy Star windows which help to eliminate heat gain.

Weatherizing Your Home with Attic Insulation

Even though the attic may already be insulated, it may not have enough insulation to meet the newest recommendations.  Add more insulation to increase the R-value.  The space between the roof and attic floor can easily reach over 150 degrees in the summer.  This heat buildup penetrates through the ceiling of the room below, causing an increase in temperature..  As a result, the air conditioning system must work harder.

Weatherizing Your Home by Sealing Air Leaks

Air leaks allow the expensive cooled air created by an air conditioner to leak outside.  Insert a piece of paper, such as a dollar bill along the trim of exterior doors and windows.  Where the dollar slips out easily, you are losing money due to air leaks.  Add weather stripping or caulk as appropriate.  Also check and seal any plumbing, baseboards, exterior wall outlets and dryer vents.

Weatherizing Your Home’s Ductwork

Check the ductwork for any holes, tears or loose connections.  The best way to do this is through a qualified contractor utilizing a blower door or duct blaster. Use an appropriate mastic sealant and mesh to seal these holes.  This move alone can save over 30% of your current cooling costs.  Insulate ducts, especially those running through hot attics or crawl spaces.  Call a contractor if you need help.

In addition to these steps in weatherizing your home, some changes in habits can be beneficial.  Use the microwave for cooking instead of the standard oven when possible.  Use ceiling fans along with the air conditioning.  Turn fans off when you are not in the room.  The wind chill on your body when in the breeze will cause you to feel cooler.

Hobaica Services has been helping Arizona Home Owners save money and be comfortable since 1952.

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