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About Us

Because We’re the Most Likable People You’ll Ever Meet!


Our Story…

Founded in 1952, Hobaica Services is a family operated cooling and heating company serving the Phoenix metropolitan area. We provide residents of Phoenix with high quality heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, indoor air quality, and custom wine cellar services. Today, our success continues with the philosophy of our founder, “Treat others as you would want to be treated.”


Our number one goal is customer satisfaction, we promise “You’ll lika… Hobaica”.

Can I get service today?

In most cases, you can get a skilled technician out to your home today for service. 

Whether you face a broken AC, a plumbing leak or notice smoking or sparking from part of your home’s wiring, some repairs just can’t wait. We pride ourselves on prompt, reliable work for each and every job, and we also offer emergency services for critical situations.

Usually, we perform emergency service in the following categories:

Hobaica is available for you 24/7, and we always keep your safety and comfort as our top priority. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Note: For emergency or after-hours service, please call us at 602-633-9555 .

Why do you charge a service fee?

Almost all reputable HVAC, plumbing and electric companies will charge a service fee. The service fee covers the cost to the company for travel and the equipment and initial labor costs to diagnose a problem.

Service fees typically charged by companies depend on several factors:

  • Travel time. If a specialist has to travel a long distance to get to the job site, it may increase the service fee.
  • Flat or hourly rate. Service fees are based on either an hourly rate or offered at a flat rate. We provide a flat rate, so there are no surprises for our customers.
  • Warranties or service programs. Membership in a company’s maintenance program may allow you to waive a diagnostic fee or receive discounts. For example, Hoibica offers premier programs for HVAC and plumbing

To learn more about our service offerings or schedule a repair, give us a call or schedule a service online today!

What is your hourly repair rate?

We don’t have an hourly repair labor rate. We offer our customers flat rates. Why? There are several advantages for our customers with our upfront flat rates. 

The benefits of a flat rate include:

  • No surprises. The last thing you want is to receive an unexpected bill after the work is complete.
  • Better planning. If a repair is costly, knowing the rate upfront can help you plan financially to fit the cost in your budget. 

For other companies, the average hourly repair rate in the Phoenix area is $75-$100 but can vary considerably depending on the level of expertise and the type of specialist, for example, plumber, electrician or HVAC technician.

Be sure to check out our Specials page for our latest discounts and coupons, and contact the experts at Hobaica today!

Our Mission Statement

At Hobaica Services, we promise to serve our customers professionally and efficiently, while treating them as we would want to be treated. We will provide the greatest value possible, by offering the best service and uncompromising quality… every time!

Our Motto

No Worries

Our Tagline

“You’ll Lika…Hobaica”

Our Core Values

  • Likable…always friendly & cheerful
  • Ethical…treating others as we want to be treated
  • Trustworthy…it’s our promise
  • Reliable…we’re always here
  • Knowledgeable…we know our business
  • Comfort…it’s our top priority
  • Safety…never compromised
  • Memorable…creating positive memorable experiences

Why “You’ll Lika Hobaica”

  • Providing reliable service since 1952.
  • Family operated.
  • Licensed to assure compliance with laws and codes.
  • Bonded and insured to protect you from the unexpected.
  • We are a moderate sized business, which means you see familiar faces and receive a personal touch.
We've Got You Covered . . . Schedule Your Appointment Today! Keeping family first.
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For prompt and reliable air conditioning repair in the Phoenix area, contact us online or call (602) 633-9555. You’ll Lika…Hobaica!


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