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HVAC Services – Phoenix AZ

Home Heating & AC Services

Hobaica Services is a full-service heating, cooling and refrigeration company. We specialize in HVAC services but also provide additional commercial refrigeration services to businesses. Family owned and operated, we’ve been a trusted provider in the Phoenix area for decades. Contact us today for more information about our services.

What is HVAC Service?

HVAC service refers to services related to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. HVAC services can include a range of activities, such as installation of new systems, regular maintenance and repair of existing HVAC systems, and inspections to ensure that heating and cooling systems are working properly. HVAC service contractors, like Hobaica, employ trained and certified technicians who are knowledgeable about a variety of different heating and AC systems and can provide high-quality services to homeowners and businesses. Some common HVAC services include air conditioning repair and maintenance, furnace repair and tune-up, installation or replacement and indoor air quality services.

HVAC Service FAQs

How long will the service take?

Different services all have different time frames. HVAC maintenance, whole house plumbing, electrical inspections and problem troubleshooting all generally take about an hour to complete. Water heater replacement generally takes about 4 hours and HVAC replacement can usually last anywhere from 4-8 hours. However, the time frame for repair services varies heavily depending on the work required.


Looking for fast, reliable services? Give Hobaica a call to learn more about the services we offer today!

How much does it cost to have an HVAC serviced?

Your HVAC system needs to be serviced at least twice a year to ensure that it continues to work efficiently and doesn't run into any preventable problems down the line. The cost to have your HVAC system serviced typically ranges from $100 to $150, but some of the many factors that can affect the cost include how old your system is, what shape it’s in, and if it needs any repairs. 

How long should my HVAC system last?

HVAC systems usually last anywhere from 15-20 years. However, with the right care, they can last much longer. Some of the biggest factors that influence how long your HVAC system will last include:

  • How often it is maintained.
  • The brand of the system.
  • The type of HVAC units you have.
  • How often your system is used.

Hobaica can help to ensure that your HVAC systems last you a long time. If you have any questions about our HVAC services, contact us today.

Does Hobaica work with home warranty companies?

Hobaica doesn’t typically work with home warranty companies. Instead, we offer a No Worry HVAC Warranty that covers all equipment, materials and labor. We even cover items that aren’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty! These items include:

  • Manufacturer’s Equipment
  • Refrigerant
  • Ductwork
  • Registers & Return Grills
  • Refrigerant Piping
  • Condensate Piping, Auxiliary Pan & Safety Switches
  • Electrical Disconnects, Wiring, Breakers, Receptacles & Conduit
  • Equipment Pads, Stands & Roof Jacks

Hobaica has everything you need to keep your HVAC systems running like new for longer. For more information on our No Worry HVAC Warranty, call us today!

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Air Conditioning Service

Hobaica offers a full line of air conditioning services from preventative maintenance and safety inspections and AC repairs to a complete system replacement or installation. Our technicians are highly trained and can service or install any make and model of air conditioning system.

Heating Service

Our comprehensive heating services will keep you warm and comfortable through our desert winters. We can handle all your heating needs from preventative maintenance tune-ups and heating repair service to a complete heating system replacement. No matter if it’s a 20 year old heating system or the latest systems on the market, we’ve got you covered.

Indoor Air Quality Service

Maintaining good indoor air quality is important to the health of you and your family. Hobaica Services can help keep your home’s air fresh and clean with a variety of air filters, air purifiers, and humidity control. Contact us for an analysis of your home’s air quality. If we find any concerns we will make recommendations for improvement.

Commercial HVAC Services

Hobaica Services provides commercial air conditioning in the metro Phoenix area with quality equipment, unequaled service and qualified technicians, 24/7. We offer commercial air conditioning maintenance, repair, and system installation as well refrigeration services including:

  • Walk-In Coolers
  • Ice Machines
  • Wine Cellars
  • And More!

HVAC Ductwork

At Hobaica, we offer comprehensive services for your home’s ductwork system, including installation and replacement, duct cleaning and duct repair and sealing


Are you tired of paying too much on your energy bills for heating and cooling your home? Your home may be in need of an insulation service. Hobaica provides multiple insulation options for your home’s needs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Providing reliable service since 1952.
  • Family owned and operated.
  • Licensed to assure compliance with laws and codes.
  • Bonded and insured to protect you from the unexpected.
  • We are a moderate sized business, which means you see familiar faces and receive that personal touch.

For more information about our HVAC or refrigeration services, contact Hobaica Services today at (602) 633-9555 or contact us online.

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