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Replace Home AC Unit

AC Install Service near Phoenix

Are you constantly checking the thermostat and adjusting it lower? Does it seem like your central air conditioner just can’t keep up with the heat outside anymore? It may be telling you that it’s time for an AC unit replacement service near Phoenix.

When your residential air conditioning unit has reached the end of its life, Hobaica Services is here for you. Our licensed local Phoenix HVAC technicians are properly trained to install all types of AC unit replacement systems, including: 

AC Unit Installation & Replacement FAQs

Does Hobaica provide free HVAC replacement quotes?
Yes. We get this question more than any other question and we try to be as upfront as we can. Simply providing a quote to replace your AC system in Phoenix is not as easy as it sounds. Wouldn’t you want to know why it failed?
  • Was it sized improperly for your home, to begin with?
  • Was it improperly installed the first time?
  • Does your AC system even need to be replaced?
The answer to “how much does a new unit cost?” is not a simple answer as you can see. During our visit, we will review your home and family’s specific requirements for comfort and provide a comprehensive HVAC system quote. We will also provide you with written guarantees, warranty information and even heating and AC financing options for your free Phoenix air conditioning system quote.
Does Hobaica guarantee or warranty its work?

Of Course!

Every new system we install in Phoenix, AZ comes with a Money Back Guarantee and a No Worry Warranty for two years, absolutely free! The No Worry Warranty covers:

  • Manufacturer Equipment
  • Ducts, Registers & Returns
  • Refrigerant
  • and More

The 2-year No Worry Warranty is included with your replacement system. If you want even better warranty coverage, you have the option to upgrade your warranty and enjoy our No Worries coverage for a full 10 years.

Should I repair or replace my home air conditioning unit?

A few things you should consider when decided to repair or replace your home air conditioning unit are: 

  • The age of your air conditioning unit. 
  • How often your air conditioning unit requires repairs. 
  • How often your air conditioning unit breaks down. 

As your air conditioning unit gets older, it can become less effective, costing you more on energy costs and repair costs each year. 

How much does a new home air conditioning system cost near Phoenix?

A new home air conditioning system usually costs around $3,800-$12,000 in Phoenix, AZ.

The overall cost can vary depending on: 

  • The size of your home. 
  • The type of AC unit you want installed. 
  • The contractor’s hourly fee. 

The price to install a new air conditioner can also increase if you need to have your air ducts replaced. Getting your home air conditioner and air ducts replaced at the same time can be beneficial since it will ensure that your air conditioner is able to run as efficiently as possible if your current ductwork has leaks. 

How long should an Air Conditioner last in Phoenix, AZ?

In Phoenix, AZ, where the climate is hot and air conditioners work harder and longer throughout the year, an AC unit typically lasts about 10 to 15 years. The extreme heat and prolonged usage periods in such a desert climate can accelerate wear and tear on the system, potentially shortening its lifespan compared to cooler regions. Regular maintenance, including timely repairs and adjustments, is crucial in extending the life of an air conditioner in such a demanding environment. Upgrading to a unit designed for high efficiency and durability can also help ensure a longer service life under these conditions.

Upgrade Your Dying AC Unit with an Efficient New Air Conditioner

We’ll help you find the right residential air conditioning system for your Phoenix area home and replace or install it with professionalism and ease.

Signs You May Need a New Air Conditioning Unit

No matter how well you keep up with your seasonal AC maintenance, eventually your air conditioning system will need to be replaced – it’s just a fact of life. And as your air conditioner gets closer to the end of its life, it will find ways to tell you it’s dying.

Keep an eye and an ear out for the signs so you’re not facing an ugly surprise when it’s time for AC unit replacement service near Phoenix.

How old is your Air Conditioner?

Most air conditioners last about 10 to 15 years, so if your air conditioning system is already over 10, you should start paying extra attention to how it’s working and be prepared for its upcoming replacement.

How often are you calling for AC repairs?

An air conditioner that’s in good condition and working well won’t need repair often. If you’re calling us in to fix your AC more than once every two to three years, it’s time to start budgeting for a replacement. And if you need AC repair every year, or more than once in a year, it’s time for a new air conditioner.

How much are you paying for repairs?

Most AC repairs cost around $350, but major repairs can cost a lot more. Look at how much you’ve paid for repair visits over the last three years; if it’s more than half the cost of a new AC unit, you’ll save money in the long run by replacing your air conditioning system.

Are your power bills creeping higher month by month?

Air conditioners get less efficient as they age. Because your AC accounts for up to 60% of your power bill, when it becomes inefficient with age, you’ll notice your monthly bill for cooling your home is getting higher, even though your habits haven’t changed.

Rather than waste ever more money to get the same amount of cool air, invest in a new, more energy-efficient AC that will bring those utility bills back down – and take advantage of utility rebates while you’re at it! Also check what your SEER rating is on your current air conditioner. All new AC units near Phoenix should have at least a SEER rating of 14. 

Get A Free AC Unit Replacement Estimate

If your air conditioning system is on its last leg, it’s time to replace it with something new. Hobaica Services is happy to provide you with a free estimate – or second opinion – so you can get an accurate idea of what your home needs and how much it will cost. Schedule online or call 602-633-9555 to get started today.

Why Choose Hobaica? 

When you choose Hobaica Services to replace your AC, you’re choosing the most liable guys in town! Our technicians are licensed and extremely knowledgeable, and prioritize values such as honesty and integrity. Since our founding in 1952, we’ve always treated others they way we want to be treated, and that’s exactly how you can expect us to treat you, too. For professional, reliable air conditioning replacement in the Phoenix area, You’ll Lika...Hobaica!

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