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Water Heater Repair Service

When It’s Time To Repair Your Water Heater, Call Hobaica!

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that if you have a water heater, you will eventually need water heater repair service.

According to the Department of Energy water heaters are the third largest energy expense in your home, typically accounting for about 12% of your utility bill so we know that you use them, a lot!

Even with yearly maintenance and excellent care, there will come a day when it’s more cost effective to install a new water heater than to repair your existing one. Hobaica is here to help with any type of water heater service needs.

Our plumbing technicians have years of experience and extensive knowledge about the types of water heaters, including:

We will evaluate your home’s hot water needs and recommend the best water heater repair solution based on our findings.

You can also save yourself a lot of stress and additional cost by having a new water heater installed before your current water heater fails.

Warning Signs You May Need a New Water Heater

  • Age – If it’s been 10 years since your last water heater installation, it’s time to call Hobaica.
  • Rusty Water – A rusty color in your heated water is a sign that your water heater tank is rusting and will develop a leak soon.
  • Noisy Operation – A healthy water heater runs silently, so if yours is making a lot of noise, it’s a sign you’re ready for a replacement water heater.
  • Water Around Your Water Heater – If you see water pooling around your water heater, it has probably developed a leak and is wasting your hot water. Have a new water heater installed ASAP.

Don’t get stuck gasping through a frigid shower. Call Hobaica for water heater repair today! Just dial (602) 633-9555.

Water Heater Repair Service FAQs

Can I repair a water heater myself near Phoenix?

Yes, you can repair a water heater yourself, but it is highly recommended that you have a professional repair it for you. To repair a water heater yourself, you would need the following: 

  • A permit to repair the water heater
  • Knowledge of plumbing 
  • Knowledge of electrical connections 
  • Knowledge of ventilation systems 
  • The proper equipment and tools 

Trying to repair your water heater on your own is not a simple process. It is important that you have the correct equipment and knowledge to carry out the repair if you do plan on doing it yourself. 

How long does a water heater repair take near Phoenix?

A water heater repair typically takes around 1 and a half hours.  

Some things that can affect the time it takes include: 

  • Removing the old water heater
  • Repair the new water heater 
  • Connecting the gas, power and water lines 

Generally, if there are no complications with the repair, it should be completed in just a matter of hours and be ready to run. 

How much does it cost to repair a water heater near Phoenix?

It costs around $1,500 on average to repair a water heater in Phoenix, AZ.

Some things that can impact the overall cost are: 

  • The type of water heater you want repaired 
  • The size of the water heater you will need 
  • The cost to remove your old water heater and repair the new one 

The price can also vary depending on if you get a tankless or tank water heater. Tankless water heaters can provide you more savings on energy each month, but they are more expensive initially. 

Is a tankless water heater easier to repair?

Tankless water heaters are generally easier to repair compared to traditional tank water heaters. They have fewer components and simpler designs, making diagnosis and repair more straightforward. Additionally, many tankless models come with diagnostic features that help identify issues quickly. However, specialized knowledge and tools may be required for repairs, so it's advisable to consult a professional technician. Overall, the streamlined design and diagnostic capabilities of tankless water heaters often result in easier and more efficient repair processes.

Reasons Why You’ll Lika…Hobaica!

  • We are a family business that has served Phoenix since 1952.
  • Our techs undergo frequent training to stay on top of the latest developments in our industry.
  • We promise prompt, reliable service.
  • Field employees are equipped with computers for constant contact with the office so we can serve you faster.
  • We use flat rate pricing so you know your investment before the work begins.
  • You can expect top performance with honesty and integrity.

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