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Sewer Line Camera Inspections

Sewer Line Video Inspections in Phoenix

When there’s something going on with your underground sewer line, don’t leave anything to chance or guess. With sewer line camera inspection performed by Hobaica, any sewer repair issues underground are brought into the light with ease and precision. Call the expert team at Hobaica for all your sewer line services today.

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Why Use A Camera?

The specialty cameras employed by the technicians at Hobaica are attached to the ends of flexible rods so they are able to be easily pushed through the pipes.

These types of sewer line video inspection cameras are unique in a number of different ways:

Waterproof - Being waterproof enables the camera to function properly in wet conditions.

High-Definition - Hi-Def capability allows the technician to see important small details.

Well-Lit - The device is equipped with a bright LED light so any problems can be seen.

Radio Transmitter - The camera has a radio transmitter that can precisely pinpoint the location and depth of any problems.

If you experience repeat blockages or problems, or suspect you have a crack or collapse, it is probably a good time to employ a sewer line camera inspection. In addition, if you are buying or selling a home the service is a great one to have before any transactions are completed.

Your Sewer Pipe Lining Experts

How have we been in business for almost 70 years? Our customers, of course! Our customers continue to call on us for their home’s needs because they know they can trust our company for honest, expert service.

We offer:

  • Amazing deals and coupons on a number of services.
  • Incredible financing options.
  • Service from a locally-owned family business.
  • 24/7 emergency service any time.

Your Sewer Line Plumber Experts in Phoenix

For more information about our sewer line camera inspection services, give us a call today at 602-633-9555.

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