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Electrical Repair

Need Expert Electrical Repair? Trust Hobaica!

When something goes awry with anything in your electrical system, it can cause you major inconvenience, high energy bills and even safety concerns for you and your family. Hobaica is here in the Phoenix area to alleviate all of that stress with professional electrical repair. Since 1952, we’ve helped residents improve their home comfort with the most likable team you’ll ever meet!

Get a Fast, Effective Resolution to Your Electrical Issue

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our licensed electricians if you’re experiencing any of these problems:

  • Recurring Electrical Surges - This can be a very damaging and expensive problem. If you’re invested in surge protection already, it could be a faulty appliance or wiring.
  • A Soaring Energy Bill - You’re right to look into an electrical repair if your energy bill is inexplicably high. It could be due to a number of different issues.
  • Tripping Circuit Breakers - Your circuit breaker trips for your safety. However, if it is tripping too frequently, it is a sign that it is overloaded.
  • Sudden Loss of Power - Assuming you’ve called your power company or checked with a neighbor to see if it’s a more widespread issue, we can help you repair your localized power outage. Be sure to reset your main breaker to see if that helps first.
  • Faulty Lighting switches - We can fix all of your residential lighting concerns.

Have something else that’s troubling you? We’ve seen it all! Don’t be afraid to get in touch and receive swift, friendly assistance.

Choose Hobaica For the Service You Deserve

Licensed? Yes. Bonded and insured? Check. Friendly? Always!

Hobaica meets all the preferred criteria as a electrical contractor in the Phoenix area. Our electrician services are designed to keep you safe and happy, with our number one goal being customer satisfaction. Let us know how we can help you today! Call us at (602) 633-9555.

Check Out Our Reviews . . . From Neighbors Near You

Chase Coffield
Chase Coffield
18:58 03 Jul 22
July '22: Welp, of course the older AC goes out in the Phoenix summer on a long holiday weekend but Hobaica saved our holiday! Called the emergency line and they were able to get a technician (John M) on site within 2 hours. John was very helpful in explaining the situation and helping evaluate the options, very knowledgeable, informative, efficient, and of course top notch customer service.As I've used Hobaica twice in less than a year on two systems, I'll be relying on them in the future for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC needs.Nov '21: Of the 5 - 7 separate HVAC companies that came to give a quote, they were the only ones to provide more than one option based on the specific needs of the space and its use.My only criticism is regarding specifics of installation that I now have questions on, that should've been hammered out beforehand.
Elizabeth Silva
Elizabeth Silva
23:13 02 Jul 22
J. Miranda was so helpful and replied to our request right away! Called other places for emergency repair on our AC and they wouldn't be able to send someone for 3 days! Anyone who lives in AZ knows waiting that long is not an option especially during the summer! J. Miranda was friendly and took the time to explain what needed fixing. Will recommend! Thank you again!
Chad Van Haren
Chad Van Haren
20:04 02 Jul 22
Great experience receiving estimate. Quick scheduling of service. Knowledgeable service techs. Most importantly, they delivered peace of mind, which can't be purchased.
Harriet Moser
Harriet Moser
13:22 02 Jul 22
Great guys to work with. Knowledgable, efficient, professional.A follow up concern we had about our new unit was responded to quickly & well. Nothing wrong with the equipment, but it was retested and we were educated more about our new system by our tech.
Kitty Smith
Kitty Smith
11:56 02 Jul 22
Grayson Vu was a very knowledgeable and professional service tech. He was on time and took his time checking things out. He even recommended something to improve our air flow and comfort. Great company and great rep!
Karen Bender
Karen Bender
23:26 01 Jul 22
John and Jared came out today to take a look at my air conditioning unit. I live in a condo where I can’t see my unit but noticed some water dripping from the roof. They weren’t just on time, they were a little early which helped free up the rest of my day.They found that the system was running as it should be and let me know that the water was dripping because the condensation line was disconnected. Super easy fix with a little bit of glue, and they did not create worry where there was none just to add to the bill.As if that wasn’t good enough, they were incredibly nice and easy to talk to. Not nice because it’s required- just really genuine people. I was not expecting to have such an easy and inexpensive experience in Phoenix during hot, muggy monsoon season. Thank you both for making my day!
Jim Adams
Jim Adams
18:54 01 Jul 22
We recently had our air conditioning go out on Tuesday and on Friday a new unit was installed. The service has been fantastic. Could not have asked for a faster more friendly company.Zach and Gio were amazing in getting the unit installed and walking us through the new thermostat.
PHX Keeve
PHX Keeve
22:05 30 Jun 22
Grayson came out and was on time, and very nice. He took extra time to diagnose a potential problem, and even re-secured some wire mesh (to keep birds out) that had been blown off from the wind. He answered all my questions, will do business with hobaica again.
James Borsheim
James Borsheim
21:27 30 Jun 22
In every way possible, extremely professional service. Used since 2008, very pleased.

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