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Furnace Maintenance

Phoenix Furnace Tune-Up Service Since 1952

You depend on your furnace to keep your home or business at a comfortable temperature, so when it breaks down, it causes a major disruption! Avoid costly HVAC repairs and untimely breakdowns by scheduling regular furnace maintenance and safety inspections with Hobaica.

We provide a furnace tune-up that helps to keep your furnace running reliably throughout the fall and winter seasons.

A Hobaica furnace maintenance service includes:

  • Inspection of all moving parts of the heating system
  • Measuring airflow
  • Checking register temperatures
Furnace Repair
Do furnaces need regular maintenance?

Yes, furnaces require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and safety. Regular maintenance helps prevent breakdowns, identifies potential issues early, and extends the lifespan of the furnace. HVAC professionals typically perform tasks like inspecting components, cleaning burners, checking safety controls, and verifying proper combustion. Annual maintenance before the heating season is recommended. Proper upkeep not only enhances comfort but also reduces energy consumption and the likelihood of costly repairs.

How long does a furnace last in Arizona?

Furnaces in Arizona typically last around 15 to 20 years or more, depending on factors such as the quality of the furnace, maintenance, usage, and local climate conditions. The relatively mild winters in many parts of Arizona mean that furnaces might not undergo the same level of heavy use as in colder regions. Regular maintenance and attentive care can help extend the lifespan of a furnace, ensuring efficient performance and consistent comfort throughout its years of operation.

What routine maintenance is required for a furnace?

Routine maintenance for a furnace involves several key tasks to ensure optimal performance and longevity. HVAC professionals typically inspect and clean components like burners, heat exchangers, and ignition systems. They check safety controls, verify proper airflow, and clean or replace air filters. Additionally, they may assess thermostat accuracy and inspect ductwork for leaks. Lubricating moving parts and addressing minor issues prevent major breakdowns. Annual maintenance before the heating season is recommended. These efforts enhance efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and ensure safe operation, contributing to a comfortable and well-functioning heating system.

Our technicians will also be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the operation of your furnace.

Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Why schedule regular furnace safety inspections? There are many benefits to proactively having your furnace serviced:

  • Identifying Potential Problems – Our expert technicians can discover and repair minor problems, before they become major, costly problems.
  • Longevity – Regular furnace maintenance will extend the lifespan of your heating system.
  • Reducing Energy Bills – A furnace safety inspection ensures that your system is operating at peak efficiency, which saves you money on your monthly energy bill.
  • Avoiding Downtime – Don’t wait for your furnace to stop working, or you run the risk of uncomfortably cold temperatures in your home or business!

Why Choose Us?

Why choose Hobaica for your furnace safety inspection? Our midsize, family owned company has been serving the Phoenix area since 1952. We take pride in being large enough to serve you, and small enough to prioritize values such as honesty and integrity. Our experienced technicians are both knowledgeable and likable, and keep your comfort as their top priority.

Contact The Phoenix Comfort Leader Since 1952

For a furnace tune-up in the Phoenix area, contact us online or call (602) 633-9555. You’ll Lika...Hobaica!

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