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Phoenix Emergency Electricians

Emergency Electrical Services Straight to Your Door

If you have found yourself in need of an emergency electrician, look no further! Here at Hobaica, we offer 24/7 emergency electrical services in and around Phoenix. So if you are ever in a bind, and need electrical services as soon as possible, reach out to us! We will be happy to send out a licensed, local electrician immediately and help resolve any electrical issues that you may be experiencing.

What would be considered an electrical service emergency near Phoenix?

One of the most essential things as a homeowner is to recognize electrical emergencies so that you can call an electrician to get them repaired as soon as possible. However, it can be difficult to determine which electrical problems require professional assistance and which are more trivial. Here are some instances when you should call an emergency electrician:

  • Consistent Issues

While this isn't specific to any one situation, if you're having ongoing issues with your home's electrical system, you should always call an emergency electrician. Electrical difficulties are unavoidable from time to time, but problems that repeat have an underlying cause that must be addressed.

  1. Burnt or Discolored  Outlets

Have you ever glanced at one of your home's power outlets and discovered it was darkened or yellowed? Because these outlets handle a lot of voltage, they can easily be burned if there is a problem with your electrical system. If you have a burned outlet in your house, call an emergency electrician as soon as possible to avoid electrical fires.

     3.Wires that don’t Trip

When there is an electrical problem in your house, your circuit breaker will often trip and eliminate power to select outlets. However, there may be situations when an electrical fault is detected but does not trigger a breaker. If you notice a spark or a strange odor or sound coming from an outlet or your breaker box, it could be a sign that a wire is struggling to trip the circuit breaker and shut off. If you are experiencing electrical difficulties that are not tripping a circuit breaker, contact an emergency electrician immediately.

Can a tripped circuit breaker cause a fire near Phoenix?

Circuit breakers are intended to safeguard you and your family from fire, however, one kind of breaker may not only not protect your family but may also start a fire.

The breakers, which were typically found in homes constructed before 1990, were manufactured by a now-defunct business named Federal Pacific Electric and are still widely used in many homes today.

A circuit breaker is meant to trip in the case of an overcurrent, cutting off the flow of electricity and averting a fire. However, if the breaker does not trip, the rising current might cause the wires to overheat and potentially catch fire. Federal Pacific Electric breakers occasionally fail to trip.

How do electrical fires start in walls?

An electrical fire can start from one of two sources: a spark or overheating. A spark functions similarly to a lighter. When electricity is unable to complete its circuit, it produces flames. Instead of a regulated gas burn, your home's wood or drywall serves as the fuel. This is how a fire could start in your home’s walls. 

When a wire or other electrical equipment grows too hot, the case may begin to melt, exposing the inner wires. When a wire becomes red-hot, it will ignite anything in its path. When an overheated wire melts through itself, it also ignites. If the wires are within your walls, then you have a fire inside the walls

We’re Here When You Need Us Most

It may be obvious most of the time when you are in need of emergency electrical repair, however, there may be times where you are unsure.

Here are some signs you need emergency electrical services:

  • Sparks or Smoke: If you notice sparks, smoke or hear popping sounds, please reach out to a professional electrician as soon as possible.
  • Burning Odor: If you are noticing a burning smell, you should turn off all electricity and call a professional to come assess the situation. It could be a leaf burning in your HVAC, but why take the chance?
  • Exposed Wires or Wires Submerged in Water: You never know what kind of powerful current is flowing through a wire or pooled water from a plumbing accident. Trust us for a safe resolution.

We understand that electrical issues are an inconvenience as well as dangerous, at times. That is why we offer emergency services. We want to be there for our customers any way we can! If ever find yourself needing emergency electrical services, you know you can count on Hobaica!

Your Local Emergency Electrician

We have been in business for decades, offering our customers high-quality services with friendly customer service. We are so thrilled to offer emergency electrical services to our customers, knowing any unexpected inconvenience can occur, we are here for you! Please reach out to us today at (602) 633-9555 if you have any questions or if you are in need of emergency electrical services!

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