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HVAC Zoning Control Systems

Zoning Control Systems for Your Phoenix Home or Business

HVAC zoning is the creation of distinct living areas in which the temperature is precisely controlled by its own thermostat in your Phoenix area home or business. They're especially useful in larger homes where homeowners don't need to heat and cool every room at all times. If you have inconsistent temperatures in your home or business even as you adjust your home’s only thermostat, you could most likely benefit from a zone control system.

What is a Zoning System?

Zoning divides your business or home into separate comfort areas and makes your air conditioner and heating system equipment cool or heat only areas that need conditioning or heating. Maybe you have a home office that needs extra air conditioning during the day, and none at night. Or you only use an extra bedroom when guests visit. Whatever your needs, zoning systems can keep each area of your house at the perfect temperature for you and each family member.

Imagine never thinking about the temperature around you because you’re always perfectly comfortable. Bedrooms are refreshingly cool for sleeping. The kitchen isn’t stifling hot. The den is completely cozy. Zoning Control Systems give you the control you need to enjoy perfect comfort, no matter where you choose to be inside your home.

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Do I Need a Zoned System?

If you answer "yes" to some of these questions you should contact our expert HVAC team to learn more.

  • More than one story or level?
  • Large open areas throughout your home?
  • Is your foundation a concrete slab?
  • Do you have large glass windows?
  • Do you have finished rooms in the attic or basement, or rooms over the garage?
  • Do you a need to cool or heat your garage?
  • A place within your home or business that extends far beyond or outside your main area?

Eliminate those too hot or too cold spots, reduced energy, maintenance, and equipment costs, and obtain greater enjoyment from the investment you have made in your home with HVAC zoning solutions. And at the same time increase the resale value of your home.

Call Hobaica today at (602) 633-9555 and we’ll be happy to answer all of your zoning questions.

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