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Washing Machine Outlet Boxes

The Unsung Hero of Your Laundry Room

You probably never notice the washing machine outlet box in your laundry room. Honestly, you probably don’t even know what it’s called. But that little laundry box in the wall behind your washing machine is actually vital to effectively doing laundry in your Phoenix area home.

Your washing machine outlet box is the water supply to your washing machine. Not only does it supply fresh water for washing and then drain the post-wash water away, it also gives you fast, reliable water supply shut-off access should there be a problem with your washing machine.

Laundry Machine

Hobaica Services provides expert laundry box installation and repair services, guaranteeing that you can always do your laundry when you need to (even if you don’t want to).

Laundry box installation often requires cutting old pipes and fitting new, a task that can turn into a nightmare of flooding and water damage if done incorrectly. It should only be done by the professional plumbers from Hobaica.

Call us at (602) 633-9555 to schedule your laundry room plumbing services and washing machine outlet box installation today.

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