If you’re thinking about an HVAC upgrade, it’s wise to examine your home’s cooling and heating load. When you do, you’ll get the maximum value from your new comfort system.

What is Cooling or Heating Load?

The cooling load of your home is a term HVAC experts use to assess the level of heat that gathers in your home. It is the job of your A/C system to remove this heat. Your home’s cooling equipment has to compensate for the heat that is coming from outside, as well as heat that is generated within the home. Your HVAC system works to bring the home’s temperature to a comfortable level by stabilizing these factors.

The heating load of your home is similar to the cooling load. It’s the amount of energy your heating system will consume to compensate for cold air in order to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. In this case, equipment throughout your home, body heat from people and solar gain from windows will add to the heat in your home.

Steps to Ensure Efficiency

Whether you are upgrading cooling equipment, heating equipment or both, the potential for maximum efficiency is directly related to your home’s load for both heating and cooling. You can ensure efficiency by having the following items evaluated by your home comfort specialist at Hobaica Services:

  • Make sure your insulation is effective. Your home’s insulation should stop the transfer of heat – from inside your home to the outdoors in the winter – and from the outside into your home in the summer months.
  • Check for adequate insulation levels in key locations such as the attic, foundation and walls.
  • Seal any air leaks that occur throughout the home. Air leaks let conditioned air escape, and they hinder home comfort and the efficiency of your HVAC systems.
  • Upgrade ductwork efficiency by sealing your home’s ducts. When ducts lose conditioned air, they let valuable energy escape before it ever reaches the rooms in your home.

Get your home’s cooling and heat load under control for optimal energy savings. You’ll see your comfort levels rise, and your energy bill fall.

If you need help reducing the cooling and heat load in your home, give Hobaica Services a call at 602-995-0387.  Let our NATE Certified Specialists evaluate your home.