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Laundry – A Cleaner Way

Green Laundryyy

The Only Environmentally Friendly Laundry System That Functions Without the Use of Detergent

If there was just one easy switch you could make in your home to pay mind to skin allergies, removing harsh chemicals from your life, AND the health of the environment, would you make it?

People have been doing laundry the same way for decades, without a second thought.  You have to use soap to get your clothes clean, Right? Unless you’re going to a dry cleaner who again applies even more chemicals. Well we are here to tell you that there is another way!

Hobaica is officially installing Laundry Pro as a means to accomplish all of these factors, and many more! Read more to learn the many health and environmental benefits of this revolutionary new system!

Laundry – A Cleaner Way

NASA was the first to develop this new technology that not only spares flora and fauna but is actually more effective at cleaning fabrics. It was a win-win solution because it uses no detergents and relies on advanced ionization technology to remove unwanted particles. Thus, it is without a doubt the most environmentally friendly option to reduce your carbon footprint while getting your clothes cleaner than ever before. If you want a detailed list on the benefits or process, check out our Laundry Pro Service page.

Laundry Pro negates the need for:

Just How Bad is Detergent For the Environment?

Many detergent companies have insisted that phosphates are harmless to the environment, and removing them would negatively impact the cleanliness of our clothes. However, studies have shown that phosphates cause harmful overgrowth of algae in freshwater. In addition, there are many additives to laundry detergents that have no place in any natural habitat.

Even your basic surfactants (soap) are toxic to a lot of aquatic wildlife. They break down mucus coatings that protect fish and other creatures from bacteria. As if that weren’t bad enough, surfactants break surface tension and make pollutants more easily absorbed by aquatic life.

On top of the environmental effects, laundry detergent is even worse for allergies than what meets the eye. Lots of people are allergic to fragrances, but did you know detergents can trap allergens such as dust and pollen in the garment?

Are you ready to rid your laundry of harsh chemical residues & allergens?

If so, call Hobaica at 602-633-9555 to discuss our Laundry Pro Service details and learn more about how much money and energy you can save doing laundry without hot water or detergent!

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