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Choosing an Energy Star HVAC System

Maybe you have been thinking of buying a new piece of cooling or heating equipment? Well, those who want to make sure that they get the best value for money should take a look at the Equipment by Energy Star. So, what does the Equipment by Energy Star have to offer that its competitors don’t?

This new label could mean a lot to homeowners in Phoenix, AZ.  Change your HVAC and you could save yourself a lot of money. Technology has advanced and the Equipment by Energy Star has moved along with the times, giving consumers a wide variety of qualified Energy Star equipment to choose from.

Better performance, a new criteria:

Everyone needs heating and cooling equipment that is energy efficient. It is far better for our pocket-books and much better for the environment. Customers will be able to identify these superb products because all of the Equipment by Energy Star bears their label.

Are these models truly efficient:

Any gas powered furnace that is awarded the label has to be proven to have an annual fuel utilization efficiency of ninety seven per cent or more. In addition to this, the air source of the heat pump’s BTU’s per hour must exceed 65,000. This certification cannot be done by the manufacturers; it has to be carried out by a third party. Hence, we achieve consistency and the ability to make decisions not based on the manufacturers marketing but the Energy Star rating system.

Easy to find and easy to identify:

It is simple to identify the Equipment by Energy Star. Visit the website or look for the new labeling. When visiting the website homeowners will see a comprehensive list of the 2013 models. All of these models have to meet a certain criteria and every unit carries a lot of information. It is possible to estimate operating costs and annual energy usage which are important details for any homeowner.

Plus you can evaluate your home with the Home Energy Yardstick and the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2013

Do you have questions about your home’s energy usage? The comfort specialists at Hobaica Services are ready to help.  Follow us on Facebook for regular updates, consumer information and general fun stuff for every Home Owner.

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