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A2L Refrigerant Requirements – How They Will Impact You

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What the New 2024 Refrigerant Standards Mean For Home Comfort and Costs

The heating and cooling industry is set for big changes in 2024 as the world moves toward alternative energy sources to help reduce emissions. New 2024 refrigerant requirements are expected to go into effect at the end of the year which will impact the equipment we use to cool and heat our homes. 

You may be concerned because you are planning to replace your AC soon and you want to know if the new rules make your “new” equipment immediately outdated. Don’t worry! Your expert HVAC team at Hobaica Services is here to walk you through the new guidelines and what they mean if you get a new system now - or a year from now. 

What Are The New Refrigerant Guidelines?

First things first - what are the new refrigerant guidelines? Basically, federal standards will require a new type of refrigerant to be used in brand-new home HVAC systems. Right now, cooling systems are required to use HFC and HCFC refrigerants, like R410a. The new guidelines will require A2L refrigerant to be used instead for all systems manufactured after a certain time.

When Do The New Guidelines Start?

It’s not official yet, but industry experts believe that the new refrigerant guidelines will go into effect at the end of this year, 2024

What Is A2L Refrigerant?

A2L is a type of refrigerant that includes HFOs (hydrofluoroolefins) and HFO blends. A2Ls have already been adopted in Europe and Japan as a greener alternative to standard refrigerants. 

Some characteristics of A2Ls include:

  • Lower Toxicity - Refrigerants in the market now are not meant to ever leak from a system and be exposed. However, it happens, and those leaks are toxic to humans and the environment. A2L does not pose the same toxicity risk. (They should still only be handled by professionals.) 
  • Lower Global Warming Potential - A2L refrigerants are much more energy efficient than current refrigerants. This has an enormous impact on emissions, which is helpful in combatting global warming. It also has a great effect on your energy bill. 

I Heard A2L Was Flammable - What Are The Risks?

While these types of refrigerants are flammable, there is an extremely low risk of the substance catching fire. Our team has tested the combustibility ourselves and had a hard time igniting a flame. So, while yes, the product is classified as “mildly flammable,” you don’t need to worry about anything catching on fire. 

Don’t Worry - We’ve Got You Covered

The good news is that Hobaica has got your cooling needs met both now and later!

If you need a new system this year but are worried about buying a new system that will soon become “outdated,” don’t be. Our company has a generous supply of refrigerant and parts in order to serve your unit for the next 20 years - or more! 

You don’t want to wait for federal regulations and manufacturers to catch up if you need a comfortable house now. And when you partner with Hobaica, you don’t have to. 

Looking ahead, our team is ready to work with the new systems and requirements that are coming our way. Our HVAC experts have already undergone extensive training and workshops on how to handle the new refrigerant and parts. We’ve tested and retested how this new product will affect Phoenix homeowners in order to prepare for every outcome. 

We also have incredible financing options available and will work with you on whatever tax rebates you may be owed when you purchase a new unit. 

More Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about the new refrigerant requirements. Serving Phoenix since 1952, our company is here to make sure you are well-prepared and knowledgeable about your own home’s comfort. Please reach out anytime to learn more, or to schedule a FREE consultation on a new unit for your home. 

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