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One Bag At A Time: Creating Smiles In Phoenix

Hobaica Women With Kids

Do you love to give back to your community and help the homeless? We do, too! Join us in creating smiles this March with One Bag At A Time.

Past One Bag At A Time events have been great successes, and in 2019, we’ll be participating once again to benefit our Phoenix, AZ community! We are so grateful to everyone who helped last time, including Kohls, Pepsi, The Glam Closet and more—and we’d like to invite previous participants and new volunteers to take part again this year!

What It’s All About

Being homeless isn’t easy, to say the least. Homeless people, many of them children and teens, face difficulties such as health complications, violence, extreme weather and dealing with untreated, severe injuries. Additionally, around 40% of homeless people are disabled.

With these dire circumstances, one of our incredible team members, Andy Hobaica, knew that taking action was the right thing to do. As a result, he created One Bag At A Time. This nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization provides essentials to those in need through donations from community members like you.

The Continuing Fight Against Homelessness

On Sunday, March 31st at 9am, Hobaica will be participating in another One Bag At A Time event!

We will be hitting the streets and helping the homeless by passing out Gatorade, non-perishable food items, toiletries and more. But most importantly, we will be creating smiles!

Some popularly requested items include:

We also welcome donations of Kleenex, combs and hairbrushes, sunscreen (it will be warming up before we know it), toothpaste and toothbrushes (ask your dentist for donations!). We’re happy to have The Glam Closet join us again this year to add clothes to the “One Bag At A Time” bags. We are very excited to welcome this local nonprofit back for another year of community service! Anyone that loves to give back to the community is invited. Tell your friends, family and neighbors—We’d love to see you there! Go to the One Bag At A Time Facebook page to sign up for the Creating Smiles event this month, and to get updates on future events throughout the year. Also check out our previous posts, from the first year and last year for more information, including more ideas on what to donate.

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