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Upgrading Your Insulation

If the insulation in your Phoenix home is inadequate, it can result in an additional cost for cooling and heating, not to mention, it robs the home of the comfort that is possible.  While most people consider insulation a necessity in colder climates in order to prevent heat loss and keep the home warm when temperatures drop. It’s the same in Phoenix.  The extreme heat of the summer can penetrate the home, but the bitter cold of our winter nights can be downright dangerous to children and those with weak immune systems.  Insulation upgrades are a simple way to prevent dramatic temperature changes in the home.

If a home’s insulation is not up to grade, you can be sure you will pay more than necessary in order to keep it comfortable when temperatures soar in either direction.  In addition, installing more insulation offers one of the least expensive and easiest ways to make the home more comfortable inside while conserving energy.  Home insulation upgrades can help to save up to 20% of one’s monthly energy bills while also improving the comfort in the home all year long.

The required amount of insulation varies from one region to the next. It is due in part to the age of the home.  Currently, the United States Department of Energy along with the IECC makes a recommendation that homes located in the Southwest make home insulation upgrades of R-30 to R-49 for their attics.  Wall cavity insulation needs to be upgraded to an R-value of 13-15 and floor upgrades should be to R-13.

In the warm climate of Phoenix, it is particularly important that owners make home insulation upgrades to meet the government recommendations in the attic.  Attics with inadequate insulation can build up heat that radiates through the ceilings of the living space.  The additional heat load makes air conditioners work harder while residents remain less comfortable than would be possible with the upgrade.  In addition, it is important to ensure the attic has proper ventilation.  Ventilation helps to keep attic spaces cooler and ensures a more comfortable living space.  By providing proper insulation, the cooling system will not need to work as hard, reducing energy costs and the wear and tear on the mechanical components of the system.

Homeowners are responsible to ensure their house is properly insulated.  While other climates may depend on insulation for keeping homes comfortable when temperatures are cold outside, in Phoenix, the home insulation upgrade helps to keep the home cooler during hot and humid weather.  Hobaica Services can help you to decide if you need additional insulation with a Home Energy Evaluation.

Hobaica Services has been serving Arizona since 1952 and has a stellar reputation for performing above industry standards, providing a worry-free experience and enjoying hundreds of referrals every month from customers who have trusted our team for over 60 years. Contact Hobaica Services today for your Home Energy Evaluation @ or 602-995-0387

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