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What You Need To Know About the New SEER Guidelines For 2023

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Prices On New Air Conditioners Will Be Going Up Soon In Arizona

We’re getting close to the end of the year! With just a few months left in 2022, you may be thinking about what to do to get your house ready before the holiday season. However, regulations are about to take effect that may make you want to focus on your air conditioning system. As of January 1, 2023, new SEER guidelines will be implemented nationwide that require all newly installed air conditioners to be at a higher SEER level. 

So how does this impact you? Higher SEER level systems are more energy efficient, and more expensive, than the standard systems sold today. If your AC is older and you think you may need to replace it next year, it may be beneficial to replace it now instead of later to save you money! The pros at Hobaica Services are here to walk you through the new rules and regulations that are coming our way. 

What Is SEER? 

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It’s a way of measuring how much electricity your unit needs to do its job. The higher the SEER rating, the less energy a unit uses to cool your home. Therefore, the regulations for 2023 require a certain SEER rating on new systems, AKA more energy-efficient units, moving forward. 

This new standard applies to both central air conditioners and heat pumps. The new regulations are nationwide, but they will be applied differently depending on the region you are in. Since we are in the Southwest region, the standard is going to become a little higher. Therefore, on 1/1/23, all new units installed in the Phoenix, AZ area need to be at least a 15 SEER capacity. 

Do I Have To Change My Current HVAC?

NO, YOU DO NOT have to replace existing equipment if it is in good working order. There might be some incentive for you to upgrade, but we’ll get to that later. The important thing is that the new SEER standard that takes effect in 2023 is not designed to take away what you own!

If you are looking to upgrade your central air conditioner or heat pump, the new equipment will have to meet the more energy-efficient standards starting January 1, 2023:

Will HVAC Prices Increase In 2023?

The short answer is ‘yes.’ More efficient products are almost always more expensive. So if you are pretty sure that come spring when you turn on your AC on our first warm day it’s not going to start, it may be worth your while to go ahead and replace it now while we can still provide you with other options.

The regulations have required HVAC manufacturers to redesign, retool and purchase new production machinery. With the more energy efficient units, you can also expect bigger units that must utlize more steel, copper, aluminum and other costly components. 

For these reasons, some industry experts expect new unit prices to increase by 30% to 40%. 

If you’d like to upgrade, you could receive financial incentives and rebates in the thousands of dollars. Contact us here at Hobaica for more details on what money could be available to you. 

What Equipment Is Affected By The New Standards?

If you plan to upgrade any of the following items, the 2023 regulations will impact your choices:

  • Air Conditioner Units
  • Heat Pumps
  • Single Packaged Units 
  • Mini-Split Air Conditioning Products

Is My Refrigerant Affected By The New Regulations?

For the past decade, R-410a has been the most commonly-used refrigerant for residential cooling systems, but it will be gone from new systems starting in 2023. It will be replaced by a refrigerant called R-32 or by one called R-454B - both of which have a lower impact on the environment. 

The amount of R-410a that is available for repair or refilling jobs, or the R22 that preceded it, will drop every day. If your system runs on one of the legacy refrigerants and springs a leak in the future, there may not be enough available or it may be cost-prohibitive to get it. An upgrade to a system that runs on the newer refrigerants will likely be required. Doing that upgrade sooner than later may save you money! 

Hobaica Is Here For You!

We have a number of options available for you on new HVAC systems. If you have any doubts at all about your current system, give the team at Hobaica a call. We will get you the best equipment at the best price - guaranteed! Call 602-633-9555 for more information and a free estimate today!

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