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5 Warning Signs You Have A Broken Sewer Line

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How To Spot A Serious Sewer Line Problem At Your Phoenix Home

Picture it - You come home from a long day of work, already excited about a nice relaxing weekend. When you get out of the car, you notice a not-so-pleasant odor in the air. As you walk inside, you hear shrieks of disgust and gasps of terror from your family as toilets, sinks, and drains all stop draining. Something’s up with your plumbing and it turns out a pleasant weekend may not be what’s in store. 

Like all things in our home, a main sewer line does not last forever. So when you have issues with one, it’s essential to spot the signs and have a professional take a look sooner rather than later to avoid an emergency situation. But don’t worry - the expert plumbers at Hobaica Services are here to walk you through it all. We will go through what signs to look out for to spot broken sewer lines early. We’ll also talk about what solutions you have available to you if you do need to replace your line, and how to prevent issues from happening. It may be a lot easier and smoother than you think, so that relaxing weekend may still be in your cards after all! 

Sign #1 - That Smell

Nothing says "Houston, we have a problem" quite like an unpleasant sewage odor wafting through your home or yard. If you catch a whiff of something foul, especially near drains or your main sewer line, it’s time to investigate. Sewage has a distinct and unmistakable smell that can't be ignored. So, trust your nose - if something smells off, it probably is.

Sign #2 - Backups, Blockages, and Clogs

When all of your drains aren’t draining at the same time, it’s a big red alert that something is going on with your sewer line. And when your main sewer line is broken or collapsed, you may even get a sewage backup in your toilet or tub. Make sure to pay attention to frequent clogs or slow drains before the worst happens. 

Sign #3 - Gurgling Toilets

Toilets shouldn’t really make noise unless they are in the process of being flushed. If all of a sudden your toilet is bubbling and making gurgling noises, it means that air is getting into the sewer line pipe. And if air is getting into your main sewer line, you may have a cracked or collapsed pipe. 

Sign #4 - Lush Vegetation or Standing Water

If your entire yard looks pretty brown except for a beautiful patch of lush green grass around where your sewer line is buried, there is some source of water feeding that patch. Or you may have a yard without vegetation but a puddle right in the middle - even though it hasn’t rained in days. Keep an eye out for changes in your yard that could indicate a problem below the surface.

Sign #5 - More Rodents and Bugs

Nobody wants to share their home with uninvited guests, especially the creepy-crawly kinds. If you've noticed an increase in rodents and bugs, it might be related to a broken sewer line. The moisture and odors from a damaged sewer line can attract unwanted pests, turning your home into their home.

Curious about what may be going on with your plumbing system? Call Hobaica now for a FREE plumbing system safety inspection!

How A Broken Sewer Line Is Repaired and Replaced

Time, wear and tear, and the occasional tree root invasion can cause sewer line pipes to crack or even collapse. In the past, crews would have to dig to see what was going on with a line and then keep digging in order to repair or replace it. Luckily, with advances in technology, we can see what’s going on with your sewer line with a camera inspection and we can repair or replace your line using trenchless methods.

Plumbing Pipes Camera Inspection

Camera Inspection

Sewer line cameras, also known as pipe inspection cameras or sewer scopes, are compact, high-tech devices designed to venture throughout your plumbing network. These cameras come equipped with a high-resolution lens, LED lights, and a flexible cable, allowing them to navigate the twists and turns of your pipes with ease.

The camera will bring light to the darkest corners of your plumbing system. This illumination is crucial for capturing clear and detailed images or videos of the pipe's interior. Sewer line cameras offer real-time monitoring capabilities. This means that as the camera navigates through your pipes, your plumbing team can view live footage on a monitor, allowing for on-the-spot analysis and decision-making.

Pipe Lining

For minor cracks and leaks, plumbers can employ a technique called pipe lining. A flexible, epoxy-coated liner is inserted into the damaged pipe, and once it's in position, it's inflated. After a bit of curing time, your sewer line is as good as new, and you didn't even have to break a sweat!

Pipe Bursting

For more severe cases, where a pipe has completely collapsed, a plumber will employ the pipe bursting method. This involves a new pipe being pulled through the old one, literally bursting the damaged pipe apart. It's like a comeback for your broken sewer line, and all without turning your yard into a construction site.

Clogged Sewer Line Hobaica

Trenchless Replacement

In some cases where the damage is beyond repair, the trenchless method is still a great solution. A process known as pipe ramming involves driving a steel casing through the soil, creating a new pathway for your sewer line. It's like installing a brand-new sewer line without the mess of traditional digging.

Common Cause Sewer Line Problems

How To Prevent Sewer Line Breaks

Simple steps can help you avoid having to repair or replace your main sewer line. Follow these tips to avoid issues with your underground pipe. 

Don’t Flush the Flushable

Even though those wipes tell you they’re “flushable”, we promise you it’s not a good idea. Nothing but toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. If other things are flushed, they can cause major clogs and backups, which can lead to sewer line repairs. 

Don’t Put Grease Down the Drain

Grease down a drain, even one with a garbage disposal, can mean issues with your pipes underground. Grease will coat pipes and stick to the insides, backing up the flow of your sewer line and causing clogs, which of course, can lead to problems with the pipe. 

Don’t Put Much Down the Disposal

Even though you may have a garbage disposal with horsepower capability, it still doesn’t mean that everything needs to go down the drain. Food waste can also clog your main sewer line, and more backups mean the chances of a sewer line cracking or breaking are higher. 

Don’t Ignore Tree Roots

If you have a beautiful tree on your property that has been there for years and hasn’t impacted your sewer line, it doesn’t mean that it never will. You can purchase root-killer products that go down your main line to stop roots before they have a chance to do real damage. You can also hire a plumber to hydro-jet the line and clear out any root chances. 

Hobaica Services For Your Broken Sewer Line

Our plumbers are ready to come help with your sewer line issue. Did you know that our sewer line services are so advanced, we provide quick one-day repairs with little to no demolition or mess? Our trenchless process is incredibly non-invasive with very little disruption. 

We’re available 24/7 for you because we know when you have problems with your main line, you need service fast. Call our team today at 602-633-9555 for emergency sewer line service, or contact us online to set up your FREE plumbing inspection. 

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