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Electrical Service Panel – Breaker Box

Increase Your Safety and Convenience with an Electrical Service Panel Upgrade

At the very heart of your residential electrical system is your electrical service panel (or fuse box if you still have one). And just like your body has trouble functioning if you have heart problems, your electrical system suffers with a breaker box issue. Trust the experienced electricians at Hobaica to make sure your home stays safe and usable with a quality upgrade and contact us for all your electrician service needs.

When Do You Need an Electrical Service Panel Upgrade?

There are many circumstances in which you might need to replace your existing breaker box or distribution board, including:

And if you have an upcoming renovation, we can help you assess whether you’ll need to upgrade your electrical capabilities.

No Need to Stress When You Have Hobaica!

Hobaica has been trusted in home services in Phoenix, AZ area since 1952. We treat others the way we ourselves would like to be treated, which is a large part of our success. We’re also licensed, insured and bonded, and you can rest assured our electricians are well-seasoned for the job.

You’ll lika...Hobaica! Call us at 602-633-9555 and let us help you with your electric panel distribution board repair service concerns.

How much does it cost to replace an entire electrical panel?

The cost to have your electrical panel replaced will depend on what kind of electrical panel you’re having installed. The average cost to replace a 100 amp electrical panel typically ranges from $850-$1,100, and the average cost to upgrade to a 200 amp electrical panel is between $1,300-$2,500. If you’re planning on upgrading to a 400 amp electrical panel, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,000-$4,000.

Can a homeowner replace an electrical panel?

You should never attempt to replace an electrical panel yourself. You should always have a professional electrician complete your panel upgrade. Electrical work carries risks and replacing an electrical panel yourself can be especially dangerous if you don’t have the proper training, experience and tools to work on one. Replacing an electrical panel yourself can cause electrical shock and, if installed incorrectly, it can increase the risk of an electrical fire. If your electrical panel needs replacing, calling a licensed professional to replace it for you can guarantee its effectiveness and your safety.

When should I replace my electrical panel?

As a general rule, electrical panels need to be replaced every 26-40 years. However, you may need to have it replaced sooner if you notice:

  • Physical damage to the panel.
  • Rust forming on the panel.
  • Circuit breakers tripping frequently.
  • Dimming/flickering lights.
  • Scorching inside the panel.
  • Burning smells coming from the panel.


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