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Don’t Let Electrical & AC Unit Problems Disrupt Your Family’s Time Together!

Prevention Gives You Peace of Mind As Busy School Season Starts Up

School is back in session and between work, getting the kids to school, music lessons, soccer practice and every other extracurricular activity under the sun, you’ll feel lucky enough just to get a few hours of quality time with the family during the week.

That’s why it’s so important to have a professional AC maintenance and Complimentary Whole Home Electrical Inspection done to prepare your systems to work properly and reliably, especially considering that potentially damaging monsoon weather is still a possibility in September. You know what they say…an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Here’s how to properly prepare your AC unit and electrical system for the rest of the summer:

Prep Your Air Conditioning For Reliability

Monsoon weather is still certainly a threat to your AC as the summer reaches its end. Strong winds, dust and debris, excess humidity and power surges can quickly halt the operation of your AC and you don’t want to be stuck without cool air during the oppressive heat while you’re waiting for repairs! On top of that, an AC breakdown would put a wrench into all of the movie and game nights, family dinners and home comfort in general that you deserve to enjoy.

We recommend a preventative AC maintenance so that our professional technicians can make sure your system is running smoothly, efficiently and reliably, reducing the risks of unforeseen breakdowns. During the maintenance we will inspect:

We’ll also clean the coils and clear away any debris in and/or on your unit so it can operate even more efficiently. A maintenance also allows our team to find anything that could cause a sudden failure later on so we can help you with the proper solution now. 

Prevent Electrical Issues With Our Complimentary Electrical Inspection

Outdated or damaged wiring in your home can cause dangerous electrical fires. Also, power surges from intense monsoon weather can also end your family’s fun in a flash! Irregular power fluctuations can shut down your lights, cooking appliances, entertainment systems such as televisions and video game consoles and also your pool lights and pool cleaning devices amongst other things. If your electronics aren’t protected with a proper surge protection device, a surge can also cause serious damage to these electronics. Your AC unit is also under the same threat from electrical surges!

That’s why you should take advantage of our Complimentary Whole Home Electrical Inspection. A trained Hobaica electrician will thoroughly inspect all vital components of your electrical system to verify that it is functioning safely and properly. We’ll also make any pertinent surge protection recommendations if necessary.

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