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Hobaica MythBuster Summer Series – Air Conditioning

Paul and Lou Hobaica
Maybe we read it online somewhere, maybe a neighbor told us, or maybe it's just what we've done for years and years. In our line of work, we hear a LOT of information about home heating and cooling systems that is, well, just plain wrong. There are so many parts to a home and so many ways to handle potential problems and upkeep that it's hard to be an expert on it all…. Until now!

Don’t Get Fooled By These Common AC Misconceptions

Paul and Lou Hobaica
Hobaica founder Paul setting his son Lou straight about ACs

Maybe we read it online somewhere, maybe a neighbor told us, or maybe it's just what we've done for years and years. In our line of work, we hear a LOT of information about home systems that is, well, just plain wrong. There are so many parts to a home and so many ways to handle potential problems and upkeep that it's hard to be an expert on it all…. Until now!

Here at Hobaica Services, we want YOU to be your own home’s expert when it comes to what your systems need and do not need. Our team of experts is here to help you see fact from fiction with our MythBuster Summer Series! The first type of myth we are going to bust has to do with Home Air Conditioning Misconceptions.

AC Myth #1: You Don’t Really Need Regular Maintenance

We hear this all the time, that maintenance service doesn’t really do anything for your home’s air conditioner. There’s always someone somebody knows who never got their system maintained and it worked just fine for years. We’re here to tell you that regular maintenance is 100% ESSENTIAL for your air conditioning system. Not only does it prevent breakdowns in the future, it helps your system to last years longer! And maybe, if you’re lucky, without regular service your AC will work “fine;” however, at Hobaica we’re not content with just “fine.” We want your system to work exceptionally well and keep you and your family fabulously cool and comfortable, all while costing you less money on your energy bill! Regular service will help ensure this to be true.

So to thoroughly bust this myth, here are some facts about your AC maintenance visit:

  • Your HVAC technician, as part of routine maintenance, will clean your unit’s evaporator coil. Without this service, as dirt builds up, it will limit air flow and prevent this part’s essential role of absorbing heat from your house.
  • They will also inspect the entire system for any potential issues, clean and tighten electrical and system connections and lubricate moving parts to keep things running smoothly. When things are working properly in a system, it will operate better and more efficiently.
  • During this many-point inspection, the technician will also check your duct system to see if valuable climate controlled air is escaping through any cracks or breaks in the seal. If so, a simple fix can make a huge difference in your comfort levels inside, not to mention your power bills.
  • There are a number of other things the technician will do during this visit to ensure your system is working properly, including clearing the condensate drain, checking the thermostat’s functionality and aligning the coil fins so that airflow is not blocked. An AC system has a number of moving parts that can malfunction at any point. This service preemptively fixes those issues and saves you a lot of headache and money down the road.

Learn more about our annual maintenance service now, or sign up for membership in our Total Care Club for additional perks and benefits!

AC Myth #2: You Need To Top Off Your AC’s Refrigerant

Many people assume that refrigerant in your air conditioning system works almost like oil in a car and should be refilled regularly. Actually, refrigerant works on a closed loop circuit and should not need to be topped off. However, one reason your system may not be working properly is low refrigerant levels caused by a leak. Some leaks are miniscule and are hard to spot, while others are large and can leak bigger amounts of harmful refrigerant.

Make sure not to handle refrigerants by yourself. You need a licensed professional who can handle, add and dispose of refrigerant safely. If you are concerned about the refrigerant levels in your air conditioning system, connect with our team today.

This month, take advantage of our FREE FREON CHECK special. Contact us to learn more!

AC Myth #3: When You Close Vents To A Room, You Save On Cooling Costs

If you have a room in your home that you do not use very often, it may feel like it isn’t worth the money to keep it cool all year long. You may close the vents to try and direct that cool air elsewhere. However, the truth of the matter is that closing vents to a room may actually harm your system. When you block a vent to a room, you are forcing air to stop flowing through your home the way your system designed it to. In addition, that pressure forced back on your system may place a strain on your HVAC. It could do lasting damage to your compressor if that cool air is forced back into the system and the coils freeze.

So while it may seem like a good idea to not cool a room that is not being used, you shouldn’t block the vents and close the door. Let the air flow through your house to have a cooler home and better working AC.

AC Myth #4: A Bigger System Will Cool Your Home Better

We’ve all heard the phrase “bigger is better.” However, when it comes to the size of your air conditioning system, bigger is not only NOT better, but much worse. A unit that is oversized for your home tends to cycle more frequently as it is working to cool a home too small for its capacity. When a system cycles too often it will have serious problems down the road and won’t last as long as it should. In addition, larger units use much more energy and will cost you more money on your power bill.

When it comes to choosing the right size AC for your home, there are many things to factor including square footage, insulation, number of windows and roofing conditions. For expert installation advice and service, we are happy to help.

AC Myth #5: You Don’t Need To Change Your Air Filter That Often

We cannot stress enough how important it is to change your home’s air filter. If your airflow is blocked your system cannot run the way it is supposed to. A dirty air filter causes the majority of repair calls that we receive! So take it from us, the low price and effort of simply changing your air filter is well worth it!

Different homes require different timelines on changing your filter as well. Make sure, depending on your home’s individual needs, you are changing your filter as follows:

Lower Quality Fiberglass Filters - Once a month, especially during the summer months.
Pleated Higher Quality Filters - Once every 3 months.
Allergy Sufferers - At least every 2 months.
Pet Owners - At least every 2 months.

Please watch the video below to learn more about how important a clean air filter is to the operation of your air conditioning system.

Hobaica Is Here To Help You With Your Home’s Air Conditioner

Our team of expert HVAC technicians is ready to help you with good, quality advice you can count on. We want you to have the tools and knowledge to keep your home’s systems well maintained and running smoothly too, which is why we offer access to our help center as well as our video center. You’ll find valuable information on services for your home as well as practical advice on keeping your systems up to date and serviced the right way.

And of course, for all of your home system needs, you can count on us for prompt, reliable work each and every time. Just call on Hobaica for any repair, installation or maintenance service. We are available for you 24/7 at 602-633-9555 .

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