The Lowdown on Indoor & Outdoor  Air Pollution in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ has recently been ranked by the American Lung Association as one of the most polluted cities in the US. This means that residents are at an increased risk for serious health problems, including asthma attacks, cardiovascular consequence and even premature death.

Indoor Air Quality | Phoenix, AZ | Hobaica Services

Yikes. Why is this area that we call home such a hotspot for all of this ozone and particle pollution? The answer lies in a special combination Arizona’s features, namely:

  • Heat
  • Weather Changes
  • Drought
  • Wildfires

This situation has slowly been getting better. However, every summer as the heat increases ozone production, the safety level of the outdoor air drops rapidly.

Actions That Help Improve the Situation

Most methods of combating pollution are pretty straightforward, but by actively employing these methods, you can make our neighborhood a more pleasant place to live in for the future. Here are five details to consider:

  • Avoid Burning Trash – While mostly an outdated practice, it has consequences with our modern plastic waste, especially PVC, that creates toxic smoke.
  • Carpool, Bike & Walk – Having a car is a great luxury, but car emissions are a big part of our pollution problems.
  • Use Newer Lawn Equipment – Older models don’t have any pollution control devices.
  • Join CampaignsOne such campaign is a push from the EPA to reduce school bus emissions by not having them idle on the school’s campus.
  • Use Less Energy – Easier said than done, right? Check out the EPA’s tips to get ideas.

In the past few decades, many businesses have been become increasingly aware of what they can do for pollution as well, but it’s a slow climb to fresh air in the city.

What About Indoor Air Pollution?

Indoor air pollution is mostly caused by particles like mold, pollen or dust becoming trapped in your home and accumulating. They are easily spread throughout your home via your hvac system and can aggravate previous allergy or asthma conditions or even create issues where they didn’t previously exist. Steps such as cleaning your air ducts, regularly changing your filters, or installing air purifiers can make a significant difference in helping you breath a little easier.

Indoor Air Quality | Phoenix, AZ | Hobaica Services

On days where outdoor air pollution is of concern, you should be able to seek refuge in your home and know that the air you’re breathing isn’t attributing to your family’s allergies or asthma. Hobaica specially recommends a media air cleaner to clear the air in a way that most filters can’t.

We’re always here for you at (602) 633-9555 for any air quality, air conditioning, heating or wine cellar needs! Call us today to discuss ways to improve the indoor air quality of your home and reduce the negative effects of pollen, dust, and dander on your family’s health.