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All Hail . . . .its possible damange.

In October 2010 Phoenix experienced a freak hail storm that wreaked havoc on roofs, cars and thousands of air conditioning units in Central and West Phoenix.

Even with as many homes as we have serviced to date, we predict this is only 40% of the affected air conditioning systems which need repair. Many home and business owners are not aware their air conditioner was pummeled by the hail storm of October.

Roof damage is estimated to have impacted 250,000 homes. Many of these have roof top air conditioners which are also vulnerable to damage. We are seeing most of the affected homes and businesses to be in pockets of central to west Phoenix, Glendale and Peoria.

The result of hail damage on an air conditioner can be a severely beaten outdoor coil. This coil is made of thin aluminum fins which are required to be opened to allow air to pass through. The hail bent much of the surface of these coils over, restricting the air flow. The result will be a loss in performance and efficiency of the air conditioner and can lead to a compressor failure. Many homeowners won’t notice a problem until the extreme heat of summer hits.

We provide a free hail damage inspection of a home or business owner’s air conditioning equipment with a written report to submit to the insurance company if required.

Let us help you with hail damage.

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