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Why Buying An AC Unit Online Can Be An Expensive Mistake

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Trust Reliable Local Contractors For Your AC Unit Installation

You need a reliable AC unit to keep your family cool in the overbearing Phoenix heat. While some internet sellers might have a tempting low price, there are definitely some big risks you take when buying online, risks that can cost you in the long run. Here’s why it’s always wiser to research and choose a reliable local contractor for your AC installation.

Your AC System is A Complex System

The condenser unit that lies outside of your home is far from the only important part of your home’s AC system. A system also includes the air handler within your home as well as any associated lines and ductwork. Do you know if the unit you’re getting online will match up to existing parts of your system? For example, refrigerant lines must be sized correctly for installation. Having a technician come to your home to evaluate what modifications will need to be made will help to ensure that your new system is running efficiently for years ahead.

System Sizing Must Be Done Correctly

Each home is built differently and has unique heating and cooling requirements. Correct unit sizing needs to be done by a professional in your home. Some online sellers may use a basic formula based on square footage to estimate your new unit size, but don’t rely on this. A professional needs to visit your home to perform a heat load calculation. An incorrectly sized unit can lead to serious indoor air quality issues and increased chances of your system failing and needing repairs sooner. 

Your Warranty May Be At Stake

Warranties may become void if they come from a 3rd party such as an online seller. When you opt for installation from a trusted local contractor, they will install the unit to warranty requirements and can help you keep it maintained up to standards. It’s important that maintenance and service are performed correctly so you aren’t stuck without a valid warranty if something occurs.

Hobaica Provides Worry Free AC Installation

With every AC installation, we include two years of our No Worry Warranty. This warranty covers everything involved with the installation including equipment, materials and labor. We include two quality control visits within this time to verify everything is in order and that nothing has changed since our installation. At the end of these two years, we perform a quality control visit to ensure that the system is still working correctly.

Our technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced in AC installation and carefully consider all important aspects of your home when choosing the right system for you. Our attention to detail at every step will ensure that your family will have efficient and reliable air conditioning for many years to come.

Call the friendly Hobaica representatives at (602) 633-9555 when you need professional AC installation to keep your family and home comfortably cool!

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