At some point or another every homeowner in Phoenix faces the inevitable investment of a new home comfort system.  There are two critical issues to consider as you move into this decision: the purchase of a quality system and the installation that system.

Once an efficient, quality system has been purchased, it should be installed by a certified professional.

Below, are installation guidelines that will ensure that your new heating and cooling equipment provides optimal comfort, and cost-saving efficiency.

  • Properly sized equipment – Have your heating and cooling professionals assist you in properly sizing your new system to meet the needs of your home. This is critical, because a unit that is either too large or too small can result in higher energy costs and malfunctioning equipment. The popular misconception is having over-sized equipment is the best choice. This is incorrect, and will cause the system to cycle on and off, unnecessarily.
  • Properly installed ductwork – Ducts are responsible for carrying the air throughout your home. When poorly installed, they leak- greatly reducing energy efficiency and comfort levels. A proper installation includes sealing ductwork and ensuring that it is insulated where necessary. Another critical phase of proper installation is to be sure that duct connections to the furnace or registers are connected properly to reduce air leakage.
  • Air Flow – Your system should be installed to ensure that proper air flow is received. If the air flow is not balanced, it can lead to higher energy costs and difficulty maintaining the comfort level of your home.
  • Refrigerant charge – be sure that the system has the proper refrigerant charge. Failing to do so will result in inefficient operation. The system will not provide your home with sufficient dehumidification. Your comfort specialists at Hobaica Services know how to properly charge your system to ensure efficiently functioning equipment for peak performance.

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