Three major challenges when purchasing a new air conditioning or heating system are:

  1. Choosing a system that will provide optimal levels of cooling or heating.
  2. Purchasing a system that is energy efficient and dependable.
  3. Selecting a certified professional to install your new system.

Let’s examine a few installation guidelines which will ensure your new equipment provides optimal comfort, and cost-saving efficiency.

  • Properly sized equipment – Your Comfort Consultants at Hobaica Services can assist you in determining the size of the new system for your home. A unit that is either too large or too small can result in higher energy costs and malfunctioning equipment.  There is a misconception that over-sized equipment is the best choice. This is not the case, and will cause the system to cycle on and off needlessly.
  • Properly installed ductwork – Poorly installed ducts often leak and greatly reduce the energy efficiency and comfort levels in your home. A proper installation includes sealing ductwork and supplying insulation where necessary. Duct connections to the furnace or registers are critical in reducing energy wasting leakage.
  • Air Flow Optimization – Your system should be installed so proper air flow is obtained throughout your home. If the air flow is not balanced, it can lead to higher energy costs and difficulty maintaining constant temperature levels.
  • Optimized refrigerant charge – A very important element of equipment installation is to be sure that the system has the proper refrigerant charge. Failing to do so will result in inefficient operation. The system will also fail to provide your home with optimal dehumidification.

Certified Comfort Consultants at Hobaica Services will be happy to provide you with a free in-home sales estimate if you are considering the purchase of a new air conditioning or heating system. We will help you obtain any rebates that are available and provide you with the best options to fit your home, your family and your budget.

 Plus, when you purchase your new system from Hobaica Services, five trees are planted in the Kaibab National Forrest. Just our way of giving back to the environment.