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Customer Service – Extra Sweet!

When customers hire Hobaica for HVAC service, they expect a knowledgeable technician to arrive at their door and perform the service in an efficient, respectful manner.

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But during a recent service call, one of our technicians took the company mission statement – “treat others how you want to be treated” to a whole new level.
Recently a Hobiaca technician named Harold was scheduled to make an HVAC service call. This was routine, bi-annual HVAC maintenance for a regular Hobaica customer. Harold had gotten to know this particular customer over the past several service calls, and learned that she was working very hard to earn her degree. When he found out that she had achieved her goal, he brought her a congratulations cookie to acknowledge her recent graduation. What better way to say congratulations than with a cookie? When Harold presented her with the cookie, this Hobaica customer was so thankful that it brought tears to her eyes. It was customer service – extra sweet on that HVAC service call! At Hobaica, we hire qualified HVAC technicians and provide in depth, ongoing training so that our employees are among the most capable and knowledgeable in the field. But we also want our technicians to treat customers with thoughtfulness and respect. We are not just providing HVAC service, we are providing service to people. Every Hobaica service call is a chance to not only fix or avoid an HVAC problem, but to make a customer’s day a little bit better. Hobaica is a family owned business that was founded back in 1952 by Paul S. Hobaica. When sons Louis, Paul J. and Mike joined their father’s business, they continued to carry on the tradition of exemplary customer service. Though the company has grown over the years and our technicians have learned new skills to adapt to the continuously evolving heating and cooling technology, Hobaica’s original mission statement remains unchanged. This extra sweet customer service by Harold exemplifies the Hobaica core values. Though every service call doesn’t come with a cookie, it does come with kindness in the form of a likable Hobaica technician.    

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