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Don’t Forget Safety Inspections Before Holiday Celebrations!

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Secure More Peace Of Mind Before Family & Friends Come By

December is here and all the celebrations will feel like they’re running back-to-back! Time is dwindling to properly prepare…between making food, cleaning the house and helping your guests get comfy, you don’t want to forget anything important! That’s why now is the best time to get your home comfort systems ready…you don’t want to be worrying about whether or not the toilets will become clogged during a family party or if your heat will stay on during the cold nights. Here’s how Hobaica’s Safety Inspections can help make your 2019 Holiday Season one of the most memorable yet:

Protect Against The Cold

Staying reliably warm is important as temperatures continue to drop into December. A loss in heat could put a grinding stop to quality family time and ruin the all-around comfort of your visitors! If your heating system hasn’t been properly tuned-up by qualified technicians before winter, the risk of shutdowns thanks to an unexpected issue are higher, but you can reduce the risk and take some stress off your mind with our Limited Time $69 Heating Safety Inspection!

Keep The Water Flowing Properly

More people coming by your home means more strain on your toilets, faucets, showers, water heater, you name it! And extra strain on your plumbing system increases the likelihood of something going wrong…picture toilet clogs or overflows or even a small leak and its ensuing messy and destructive water damage! Having a Complimentary Whole Home Plumbing Safety Inspection allows our Plumbers to evaluate all available components of your system so that any problems can be discovered and repaired now before they have a chance to get worse! Complimentary Whole Home Plumbing Safety Inspection in Phoenix, AZ

Keep Electricity Running Safely & Correctly

Wiring that is older or damaged can lead to overall power flow issues or even dangerous electrical fires. You can guard against such issues with a Complimentary Whole Home Electrical Safety Inspection.

When our Electricians inspect both your indoor and outdoor electrical system elements, they’ll have the opportunity to find trouble spots and suggest the proper solution that will make your system safer and more effective. This way you won’t have to be wondering if your electronics or lighting in general will run safely.

Hobaica Helps Your Holidays Run Smoothly!

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