What are energy management thermostats? Energy management thermostats are the latest in programmable class thermostats. They work much like programmable thermostats, but you have the additional option to control them remotely. If your schedule changes and you want to alter your thermostat settings accordingly, just log on to the Internet and make the necessary changes.

You already use your smart phone or computer to check the weather, make purchases and set calendar reminders. Why not use the same technology to keep your home comfortable?

There are several advantages to installing energy management thermostats in your home:

  • Increased energy savings: With even more control than a conventional programmable thermostat, you can make adjustments to reduce your energy use. If you’ll be home late, changing the programmed settings can ensure that you don’t spend more money to heat or cool your unoccupied home.
  • Get meaningful alerts: You’re used to getting a text message, email or other alert when you have a calendar appointment, so why not get a similar alert when you need to change the furnace filter or schedule annual preventive maintenance?
  • Protect your home: If you own a vacation home or travel frequently, it is comforting to know that you can control the thermostat while you are away. In colder climates, you can turn on the heat if you are worried about frozen pipes. In a warmer climate, like Arizona’s 100+ summer season, you can drop the temperature in your home a few degrees while you are on the freeway and when you arrive, your home will be cool and comfortable.

Some energy management thermostats can also be integrated with other systems in your home, such as a security alarm or lighting and appliance controls.

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