It may seem pointless to use a ceiling fan while your air conditioner is running, but ceiling fans can actually significantly increase the comfort level in your home and plus, help you save energy. (Saving energy is a code word for saving money!)

Moving air creates a wind chill effect, which makes the air feel cooler than it actually is.  This cooling effect will allow you to raise the thermostat up as much as 4 degrees, reducing your kilowatt usage.

Purchasing a fan that has bi-directional blades can add to your savings. In the summer, the fan can be used at the normal setting, circulating the cool air from your A/C.  In the winter, the setting can be changed to create an up draft that will push the rising warm air from your heating system closer to the floor keeping the room temperature comfortable; again, saving energy costs.

Here are some considerations when purchasing a ceiling fan:

  • Ceilings should be a minimum of eight feet high for proper installation and operation of the fan.
  • Fan blades should be a minimum of eight inches from the ceiling and 18 inches from surrounding walls.
  • Larger fan blades move more air than their smaller counterparts.
  • Look for ceiling fans with a switch that allows you to change the direction of the blades.

It is important to remember that ceiling fans don’t actually change the temperature in a room; they just change the way it feels to you, so turning fans off when leave your home for the day also saves energy.

If you’re not sure which ceiling fans are right for your home, one of our Comfort Specialist will be happy to visit with you during a Comfort Evaluation.