Have you ever considered upgrading your comfort system by adding a heat pump? Heat pumps, especially a high-efficiency heat pump, are a smart choice for maintaining comfort in the Southwest climate. Heat pumps are extremely economical for our long summer season and yet very effective at producing the heat needed in winter months.

High-efficiency heat pumps have come a long way over the previous generation used in the 1980’s. Current models use less energy and deliver improved comfort.

Lifetime costs vs. initial costs

When considering a heat pump, keep in mind maintenance costs. Choosing an inferior unit in the beginning can end up costing you later in repair bills. Here are some other factors to consider when choosing:

  • Warranties. Choosing a high-efficiency heat pump, with an extended warranty, has a great benefit. These units have a higher initial cost but are better support by both manufacturer and dealer. A longer warranty period means less risk for both the manufacturer and dealer. And by offering you the longer warranty, they’re betting your unit will perform better and longer than a lower-end model. Another reason to consider a higher-end unit.
  • Energy costs. Another reason for choosing a high-efficiency heat pump is energy savings.  Considering the savings over the life span of the equipment, your payback for additional costs of the unit will come early; often after only a few seasons. Calculated at 8 to 10 percent better efficiency, the high-end model will pay off the difference in only a few years through savings on power costs.
  • Life span. Higher-end equipment will have a longer life span whereas low-cost equipment can become outdated quickly. Instead of having the expense of replacing the unit early, you’ll have the advantage of added years of service; extending the payback of your original purchase price.


Follow these tips to make sure your investment is one you can live with for years to   come.


For more information on lifetime costs, or questions regarding heat pumps or their replacement, contact the comfort specialists at: Hobaica Services.  Hobaica has been a leader in serving the Valley of the Sun since 1952.

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