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HEPA Air Filters 101

The “HEPA” in HEPA air filters stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air

A true HEPA filter is widely regarded as the ultimate filter. HEPA filters are capable of removing particulates as small as 0.3 microns in size. Just to give you an idea of the size of a micron, it takes 25,400 microns to equal one inch. A particle of 10 microns is invisible to the naked eye. Pollen ranges in size between 5 -100 microns and a human hair between 70 -100 microns.

The average Arizona home has an indoor air quality that is 10 times more polluted than the outdoor air, which is consistent with national trends in indoor pollution. Indoor air can become “bottled up,” especially in homes that are sealed tightly to maximize energy efficiency; the air isn’t exchanged as often. HEPA filters are currently some of the most efficient residential air filters on the market and are one of the most popular options, due to their ability to capture more than 99.95 percent of particles.  HEPA filters can remove the following particulates from indoor air:

The complex fiberglass construction of a HEPA filter creates a dense mat that traps particles more efficiently than most standard filters that act like a sieve.

Some homeowners find that HEPA filters can make their systems work too hard pull air through the filter, so check with the technician the next time you’re due for preventive maintenance to determine the correct filter for your system.

If you have questions about how a HEPA air filter could improve the indoor environment in your home, talk to one of our team at (602) 995-0387.   We’re proud to improve the indoor air quality in Arizona’s homes!

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