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Home Plumbing Myths Busted

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As we roll into August and the end of summer, Hobaica is excited to wrap up our Summer Mythbuster Series and help you guys be your own homes’ experts! This month, we’ll tackle common misconceptions floating around out there about your plumbing system.

A plumbing system encompasses a myriad of parts and components which can break, clog and malfunction. From your water heater to your tub, your sewer line to your garbage disposal, we’re here to help you determine fact from fiction in all things home plumbing!  

Plumbing Myth #1: Flushable Means You Can Flush It

Have you heard the term “fatberg”? In case you have not, a fatberg describes chunks of waste matter that clog up a sewer system. This waste matter has been found to be made up of primarily flushable wet wipes and grease that people put down their drains and pipes.

Some fatbergs in cities have been several tons in size and have cost many thousand dollars to clean up.

While you (hopefully!) won’t have to deal with anything as large as that, those flushable wipes and grease can build up in your sewer line, causing blockages and big issues in your pipes and sewer lines. So while it says on the package that wet wipes are “flushable,” it’s really better to NOT flush those down your toilet. Avoid flushing wet wipes down the pipes to avoid problems with your sewer line in the future. 

Plumbing Myth #2: You Can Put Any and All Food Down The Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are amazing. They allow you to do a lot of food prep and clean up in your sink before rinsing it all away into the disposal. Unfortunately, while they can handle food waste, it’s really better on your disposal NOT to put a ton of food down it. Yes, washing away scraps and crumbs is fine, but it’s much better to either compost or throw away large amounts of food. There are a number of foods that will stick to the blades of your disposal or cause it to jam or even break, which is why it’s best to stick with just small scraps down the sink. 

Check out Lou’s video below to learn more about what to put, and NOT put, down the disposal to help keep it running well and your pipes clear!

Plumbing Myth #3: Chemicals Are Great At Cleaning Clogged Drains

We’ve all seen the commercials showing how drain cleaners simply wash stubborn clogs away. Unfortunately those chemicals have the potential to remain in your pipes and corrode THEM away too. When pipes corrode it is a huge and expensive hassle. To get rid of clogs the best way you’ll want to grab the good old plunger. If the clog still won’t come out and you need assistance, the plumbers at Hobaica are happy to help! Our drain cleaning services are effective and safe for your pipes. 

Plumbing Myth #4: Water Heaters Don’t Need Maintenance

A water heater is a major appliance in your home that works hard each day to supply you and your family with hot water. Kept out of sight, many of us do not realize how essential it is to have this system flushed regularly. While without maintenance your system may operate for years, for the best results regular service is very important. 

A yearly flush of a standard tank water heater helps keep minerals from building up and hardening in the tank, giving you years of extra use of your system. For a tankless hot water heater, regular maintenance helps the system to operate better as minerals can build up in this system as well, causing the heat exchanger to eventually malfunction. 

To learn more about tankless water heater maintenance, please watch our helpful video below:

Home Service Myths Busted Year Round!

We appreciate you tuning in for our Summer Mythbuster Series. But don’t worry - the help doesn’t stop here! We are happy to answer any of your questions and help bust any myth you may come across dealing with home services. Just contact one of our friendly team members to learn more, or check out our Help Center Page or Video Center Page.

And of course, for fast, reliable service, call our team anytime at 602-633-9555

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