Winter, although short lived, in the in the Valley of the Sun is the time of year when we get a break from the summer heat and have our own bought with cold weather.  During the “winter season”, it is important to have a strategy for saving energy.  By doing so, you not only save money but you keep your home at a higher comfort level.  And isn’t that what it’s all about?

The following steps will not only save money on cold days, they will also keep your house cooler and much more comfortable during the summer months as well:

  • Check for air leaks around your exterior doors and windows. Air entering from the outside can add to your HVAC system’s workload. Caulk around the windows, and apply weather stripping to the door frames.
  • Turn off the bathroom and kitchen fans after you have vented the air. If left on, ventilation fans can remove a considerable amount of conditioned air from your home.
  • Replace your furnace or air handler filters frequently. Dirty filters slow the air delivery through your ducts, causing the equipment to use more energy and work harder. The dust from a dirty filter decreases the life of your air conditioner and furnace.
  • If you are experiencing high energy bills, consider having your ductwork inspected. Over time, the ducts can leak air, substantially driving up the cost of heating and cooling your home.
  • Turn your thermostat down to 68 degrees in the winter, and grab a sweater. Two degrees can make a huge difference in energy savings over the season.
  • The Valley of the Sun has ample sunshine for you to employ passive solar heating.  Take advantage of this option by opening your blinds on your south- and west-facing windows to collect the warm sunshine indoors. Remember that closing the curtains or drapes after sunset will also increase savings as the temperature cools.

If you have questions regarding information presented in this blog, Contact Hobaica Services. We can help you increase energy savings while keeping your home comfortable yea-round. We’re always ready to help.