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Indoor Air Quality Questions


Positive & Negative Influences On Your Air Quality

There are a wide range of different things that can be good for, or bad for, your home’s air quality. You may be surprised by the things in your home that work to reduce unwanted elements within you air, and also by the things that damage your air quality.

Here are a few things that either positively or negatively impact your home’s indoor air quality.

The State of Your Air Filters

Having clean air filters in your HVAC system will help to keep your air cleaner, but failing to change them regularly can have an opposite, negative effect. When these filters are dirty and full of trapped particles, their ability to filter out dust and allergens that are continually introduced to your HVAC system will decline. When these pollutants can’t be properly captured, they will simply continue to be pumped throughout your home’s ventilation system.

The Phoenix Environment

Two things the Phoenix environment is known for is its the incredibly dry heat and it’s outdoor air pollution, both of which can have an impact on your home’s indoor air quality. 

What is the best way to purify indoor air?

There are a variety of products you can use to help purify your indoor air, but investing in a whole house air purifier is one of the best ways you can keep your air fresh and clean. Along with ridding your air of harmful contaminants such as pet dander, dust, mold spores, smoke, pollen, odors and other pollutants, whole house air purifiers can also put less strain on your HVAC system. This can help to maximize your system’s efficiency and keep your energy bills low.

How do I know if my indoor air is clean?

Some things you can do to test the quality of your indoor air include:

  • Using an indoor air quality monitor.
  • Installing carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Scheduling an appointment with an HVAC contractor to have your indoor air quality tested.


What products can I use to clean my indoor air?

Some of the best products you can use to help improve the quality of your air include media air cleaners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and whole house air purifiers. Although each product works differently, they can all help to ensure that your indoor air stays fresh, clean and comfortable. When your indoor air is purified, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, saving you money on energy bills and reducing the risk of future system breakdowns.

Dry Heat & Low Humidity

The air in Phoenix is particularly hot and dry, which can lead to extremely low humidity levels in your home as well. A home’s humidity should be anywhere from 40% to 60%. A modern whole house humidifier can help to bring your home's air to up to normal humidity levels, but if left unaddressed, low humidity can lead to some serious complications for you & your family including:

  • Throat and Sinus irritation
  • Eye and skin irritation
  • Higher susceptibility to infections and illnesses such as the flu or common cold
  • Damage to wooden furniture & hardwood flooring

Air Pollution

Outdoor air pollution has become so bad in Phoenix that the smog that is sometimes visible over the city even has a name, The Brown Cloud. This smog cloud has grown due to the influx of new residents and tourists as well as the city’s location and weather patterns. The majority of the brown cloud is made up of nitrogen dioxide gas and carbon particles released by power facilities, gas fueled lawn mowers, other lawn equipment and cars. Dust from construction projects also contributes. This polluted air undoubtedly finds its way into your home at some point. Technology like an air purifier will help to clean unwanted contaminants out of your home’s air.

House Plants

House plants are your allies in the fight for clean indoor air. All plants help clean pollutants out of the air, but certain plants are real air quality champions and air cleaning powerhouses. Plants like bamboo, spider plants and snake plants are just some of the plants that are particularly good at enhancing your air quality. This happens through their normal photosynthesis process as they intake carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the air.

If you suspect that your home’s indoor air quality is lacking and would like professional assessment and solutions, then call Hobaica at (602) 633-9555 for professional indoor air quality services. From humidifiers, dehumidifiers, filters and whole house air purifiers, we have the experience to install the right technology to enhance your home’s air quality and get you and your family breathing in cleaner, safer air every day.

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