Are You Interested in High Quality Residential Lighting?

Here at Hobaica, we offer professional residential lighting services to our customers in the Phoenix area. We have been servicing the area for decades and continue to grow our relationships with the help of our work ethic, customer service professionalism and overall great work that we provide to each and every customer. If you are in need of lighting for your home, we would love to help! Our team of certified electricians are well equipped to get the job done!

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What Can We Accomplish For You Today?

We can provide lighting repairs and installations for any part of your home, inside or outside.

Indoor Lighting– Do justice to your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or any room of your home with proper illumination.

Outdoor Lighting – We provide durable, waterproof outdoor lighting.

As for repairs, we can help you with any of these issues you may be dealing with:

  • Flickering Lights

  • Dim Lights

  • Hot Lighting Fixtures

  • Frequently Burned Out Bulbs

  • Light Switches Not Working

We’ll help you troubleshoot the issue and restore proper lighting.

Get a Friendly Phoenix Electrician to Help You Out!

If you want to make sure that your lighting is installed or repaired up to your standards, just trust a Hobaica Electrician. Our customers choose us over and over again for:

  • Great Value

  • Respectful Service

  • Family Ownership & Operation

  • Licensing, Bonding & Insurance

  • Reliable Service Since 1952

Call us at (602) 633-9555, and revive your lighting today!

While Supplies Last.