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Save Money While On Vacation

Summer vacations offer a great way to leave the problems of everyday life and relax, but the expenses can add up quickly.  The travel expense, vacation rental and eating out at restaurants make the vacation an expensive proposition.  In order to give you the most cash for vacation, take some steps to make sure your house isn’t running up expenses while you are away.

The following steps can save you money while away from home.

HVAC system:  Set the air conditioner at 83-85 degrees while away from home.  This allows the unit to run less while you are away, but continues to keep humidity in the home under control, so plants won’t wilt and pets remain comfortable.  Units equipped with programmable thermostats can be set to lower the temperature and then back to normal levels before returning home.

Blinds and Windows:  Make sure your windows are shut securely and close the blinds in the house.  Keeping the sun out of your house will help to keep your AC unit from working so hard while you are away.  Plus, it’s one of those little secrets that help keep animals calm while you are away as well.

Lights:  While it should not have to be said, be sure to turn off the lights before leaving for vacation.  If you require lights to be on for security, the best option is to choose only a few and use a motion sensor or timer to turn them on as needed.  The timer gives the appearance of someone being home more than leaving the lights on 24/7.

Refrigerator and Freezer:  Use up the most highly perishable items before leaving on the trip.  This includes meats, dairy products and many fresh vegetables.  Before leaving, set the fridge and freezer to the highest temperature settings.  If the plans are for an extended vacation of more than a month, it is best to empty the fridge completely and leave it unplugged.  Always prop the door of an unplugged fridge open so you are not met with a mold or mildew problem when returning home.

Water Heater:  Water heaters are one of the biggest users of energy in the home.  Turn them off at the circuit breaker or fuse box before leaving on the trip to ensure water is not needlessly being heated while away from home.

Swimming pool:  Set the filtration system and pump to run only a few hours daily instead of running 24/7.  With no one using the pool, it should not need constant filtering.

Household Electronics:  Televisions, computers and stereos all use electricity even if turned off.  Eliminate the expense they cause by unplugging them when away from home.  In addition, any device that uses a power adapter will use energy even if the power is off, so make sure they are unplugged before leaving.  These steps can help to cut the cost of your summer vacation.

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