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Save Money with A/C Maintenance

The Air Conditioning Unit in your home is a big investment. So, you want to keep it running efficiently at the minimum expense.  Let’s face it, scorching Arizona temperatures are just around the corner.

Regular air conditioning maintenance can keep you cool when temps reach the 100’s, and save you money at the same time.  Cooling equipment that is regularly maintained is less likely to break down, runs more efficiently, and keeps your monthly utility bills low.

By servicing your equipment before the summer heat hits you avoid:

Pre-season system maintenance should include the following:

On a monthly basis the homeowner should change air filters.  A dirty air filter will restrict air flow and can potentially damage your equipment.

You’re A/C maintenance professional at Hobaica Service are your resource for pre-season and annual HVAC service. Our professionals and can assist you with any questions about service contracts that can save you money and head off costly repairs before they occur. We even offer a HVAC Comfort Plan.

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