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Scary Things Can Happen Without Home Maintenance

Spooky Front Office

Prep Your House Now To Avoid Monstrous Repairs Later!

Spooky Front Office

The Spooky Front Office at Hobaica Services

It’s the time of year when ghosts and goblins may be lurking around the corner, ready to give you a fright! While sometimes it’s fun to get a scare, when it comes to your house, a surprise home repair can be truly frightening. Did you know that almost all home repairs that we see, ranging from AC and heating to plumbing and electrical, could have been prevented simply with regular home maintenance? This October, help prepare your home from anything scary happening with the full home services from Hobaica!

AAAH! My Furnace Isn’t Heating My Home!

After a long hot summer, your heater hasn’t had to do much — until those nighttime fall temps drop and you call on your system to start warming your chilly home. Unfortunately, when you go to turn on the heater, if it hasn’t had its annual tune-up, you run the risk of it not working when you need it.

Annual maintenance service from Hobaica is a many-point inspection and check of your system to make sure it is running well. We clean it of dirt and debris that may hinder operation, tighten any connections that could have come loose and lubricate any moving parts to help them work better and not break, among other checks and adjustments. Basically, annual service will pretty much ensure your heating system keeps you and your family warm and cozy throughout the winter season.

Join Our Total Care Club and automatically receive annual heating and AC system service!

Gasp! My Water Heater Isn’t Working & I Have To Take A Cold Shower!

After a long day of Halloween festivities, you go to turn on the shower and wait for the hot water... And wait… And wait… Oh no! Your water heater isn’t working and now your home is left without hot water for baths, showers, dishes or laundry.

Water heaters, both standard tank and tankless systems, need regular system flushes. This essential service clears your unit of minerals and sediment that can cause the water heater to break down. Regular maintenance on your water heater also extends the lifespan of the system so you won’t have to think about replacing it for a while.

Before the holiday season really gets underway, have your water heater checked, flushed and ready to go now for only $38.80. Schedule your service today!

Curious about how a water heater inspection works? Check out our video below for an example of what we look at during your inspection.

Yikes! My Sewer Line Is Clogged & I Can’t Use My Toilet!

As we roll into fall and the holiday season, we gather with friends and family to celebrate. But what starts as a fun-filled party can turn into a scary situation if your home’s sewer line is backed up!

The main sewer line drains water and waste from your house and is a very important part of keeping your plumbing system working properly. Unfortunately, if the line becomes clogged, you run the risk of flooding your house if you continue to use plumbing fixtures like your toilet, dishwasher, shower and laundry. As you can imagine, not being able to use water in your house can really ruin a party.

Regular sewer line cleaning will ensure your system is clog-free and ready to operate all season long. Schedule your sewer line cleaning today to prep your system for tomorrow!

Oh No! My Electrical Panel Is Burned Out & I Have No Power!

Do you know how in horror movies they are always without lights and power? Not having power to your home because your electrical panel is burned out can turn a fun night into a real-life scary movie.

We use power for just about everything these days: from lighting and heating and air to internet and charging devices. So when the power goes out, so do any plans you had for that day. A malfunctioning electrical panel can not only be disruptive, it can also be very dangerous. Electrical problems are not anything you want to mess around with, so make sure to get your system inspected for safety and functionality on a regular basis.

Schedule your FREE electrical safety inspection today and keep your house and family safe all season!

Shriek! My Plumbing Line Ruptured & My Home Is Flooded!

Water can cause a whole lot of terrifying damage to your home. Sometimes that damage isn’t even visible for weeks or months, or sometimes you have water gushing down from your ceiling right before your family is due in town for a visit. And while you may think it would be hard to predict a plumbing emergency, a plumbing inspection can help identify potential issues before they become horrifying problems.

Schedule your FREE plumbing inspection with Hobaica now!

Happy Halloween From Hobaica!

We hope that you have a spooktacular holiday, without any scares caused by problems with your home systems! Remember if a terrifying problem does pop up, Hobaica is ready to help with your home plumbing, electrical, heating and air repairs 24/7/365. Just call us at 602-633-9555 for prompt, professional service each and every time.

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