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Solar Hot Water – How it Works

Heating water is not cheap. Whether one uses fuel or electricity it costs a lot to heat water. Compared to air, the water is much harder to heat which means higher energy bill. However, users can save lots of money if they use solar hot water technology to heat the water.

The sun is a big source of energy and a person can easily feel its warmth outside the home. There are many places where the sun shines all the year round, like Arizona. At such places it is more cost effective to use solar hot water system and reduce the electricity bill. The water also heats faster and remains heated longer. In fact, the users of solar hot water system can notice lots of energy savings and a smaller electric bill within 30 days of installing the system.

How It Works?

1. The water is channeled through the solar collectors. Along the way the heat from the sun is absorbed.

2. Automatic control systems are used in the solar heater water system so that it operates during daytime when the sun is present.

3. The heat from the circulation module is transferred from the solar collectors to the tank containing hot water.

4. The water heated in the tank using solar heat can be used for different purposes like washing clothes, dishwashing, bathing, and anywhere else where hot water is needed.

5. When not in use the solar collectors release the water to a drain back tank. This avoids any freezing of the water.

Actually, when you really look at the system, it’s a common sense design.  Our Solar Experts are here to help you save money with Solar Hot Water. Give Hobaica Services a call today at 602-995-0387 or visit us at!

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