Installing solar hot water panels or a solar water heater is probably much more affordable than you think.

One of the great things about installing solar powered hot water is the tax credits. There are Federal credits, state credits and other rebates which contribute to the overall savings of going green.


Just a Few of the Utility Rebates Available in Arizona

There is a rebate of $0.50pkh for APS and SPR consumers

There is a tax credit against the purchase price and installation of 30%, which is specifically for using renewable energy.

There is also a 25% solar tax credit, again against the net price. This includes installation and is capped at $1000.

Whether you want to save money or save the environment, Hobaica can provide you with a solution to your hot water needs.  Plus, the Hobaica Solar Experts will provide you with all the information you need to take advantage of the tax credits and rebates.  We make it easy and affordable at Hobaica Services.