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Solar Hot Water – The Cleaner, Greener Way to Saving Money!

The use of coal, electricity, gas or wood to heat water at home is neither environment-friendly nor budget-friendly. Many home owners don’t realize that traditional water heating methods account for a substantial part of your home energy costs. However, there is a cleaner, greener and cost-efficient option to heat water and achieve big energy savings … a solar hot water system.

In fact, the extra time and energy consumed to heat water translates into higher energy bills. Solar power is generated from sunlight, an abundant supply of which is available all year round, especially in a sun-kissed state as Arizona. So, go ahead and install a solar hot water unit. It heats water faster and will cut a substantial amount from your energy expenses, too.

Here’s how a solar water heating system works.

1. Solar panels capture sunlight, convert it to solar energy, warm water stored in the tank, and then channel the heated water through pre-installed piping systems around the home.

2. Switch on the controller during daytime. It will then operate the solar water system automatically; no sooner sufficient solar energy has been absorbed by the receptor panels to warm water.

3. The heat absorbed by the solar collectors is transferred via a circulation module, finally heating water in the tank.

4. The solar-generated hot water can be channeled to areas where heated water is required, and for different chores. These include washing machines, dish washers, kitchen sinks, wash basins in bathrooms and showers.

5. To prevent the water from freezing, when the system shuts off, water from the roof top collector flows back to the tank below.

For more information or to schedule a Solar Water FREE evaluation for your home, give Hobaica Services a call at 602-995-0387.

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