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The Super Seven Must Haves of a Comfortable Home

Our home comfort systems are essential to our comfort year round.  So what are the critical components to look for in a new system, when yours goes to the great hereafter?  Let’s take a look.

  1. Efficiency – it is important to choose a system based on the size of your home. Your comfort specialists at Hobaica Services will be happy to assist you in determining this important factor.
  2. Reliability – home comfort systems are one of the most expensive investments for homeowners. When purchasing such a critical, expensive piece of equipment, you want to be sure that you choose a reliable unit from an industry leader, with appropriate rebates and warranties.
  3. Quiet Operation – along with reliability and efficiency, you want a system that is quiet too. Look for a system that takes advantage of sound-reducing technologies to avoid that distracting noise which has someone turning the TV volume up and down based on when the AC is running.
  4. Optimized Air Flow – typical HVAC equipment motors function at one speed and produce a steady stream of air. This requires the equipment to cycle on and off. Choosing a unit with a variable speed motor provides the most efficient air flow.
  5. Stable temperatures – single-speed air conditioners cause significant variations in temperature between the thermostat and actual indoor air temperatures. A variable speed or two-stage system alleviates this issue, helping to keep consistent temperatures throughout your home.
  6. Balanced Humidity –choose a thermostat that balances temperatures and humidity. This component will maintain optimal moisture levels in your home. Who wants to leave the house with frizzy for flat hair due to overly high humidity?
  7. Healthy air – Do you ever wake up congested? attaching an air cleaner to your equipment will greatly reduce indoor air pollution, and help everyone breathe easier and wake refreshed.

Are you considering the replacement of your comfort system? Hobaica Services has been an industry leader in the Valley of the Sun since 1952.  Call us at 602-995-0387 to schedule an appointment for a free in-home sales estimate.

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