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We Care About Your Carbon Footprint

Most folks are familiar with the air conditioning refrigerant called Freon, also known as R-22 as it’s called by insiders.  For many years there simply wasn’t information on the harmful effects of Freon and it was widely used through the 1990s by most HVAC companies.  Freon produces a chlorine gas that contributes to ozone depletion, creating a large carbon footprint for homes and businesses using Freon in their air conditioning systems.

In 1987 legislation was passed to discontinue the use of Freon in HVAC systems after the Year 2010.  Many responsible HVAC companies like Hobaica Services, made the transition early and discontinued the use of Freon long before the 2010 cutoff date.

At Hobaica Services we have been using an Industry developed replacement substance known as R-410A, sold under the names of Puron and Eco Fluor, as replacements for Freon for many years.  These products are free of chlorine gas making them environmentally friendly and reducing your home’s carbon foot print on the environment.

In fact, we responsibly dispose of and recycle some 12,000 lbs of traditional Freon every year as we continue helping people transition away from Freon. We also take aggressive steps to recycle all excess materials that relate to heating and air conditioning.  For example, Hobaica Services recycles over 12,000 lbs just in cardboard every year, plus close to 50,000 lbs of steel, some 200,000 lbs of general equipment and about 16,000 lbs of A/C coils.  That’s a lot of recycling going on in the background of servicing and installing heating and air conditioning systems for homes and businesses.

If you would like to learn more, contact Hobaica Services, our NATE Certified Technicians can assist you with questions about the refrigerants in your system and help you find ways to reducing your carbon footprint.

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