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We’re Who Phoenix Homeowners Turn To For Home System Services

Picture it… Phoenix, 2023… A homeowner is getting their broken AC repaired. They’ve also been having issues with their hot water heater, but don’t think to bring them up to their HVAC company. They are then shocked when their Hobaica technician tells them that he noticed their water heater’s drain valve is faulty and they should consider replacing the system. They’re even more amazed when he advises that he could go ahead and replace their old hot water heater right then if they would like. That way they wouldn’t have to deal with an emergency water heater replacement service later. The homeowner goes ahead and gets their AC fixed and their water heater replaced on the same day, feeling pretty pleased that two concerns they’ve been stressing over are resolved and their home is whole again. 

This story has played out many times in the life of a Hobaica Services technician! So many customers are surprised when we take off our AC cap and put on our plumbing hat, or our electrician hat, or our wine cellar hat - well, you get the picture. Because while we are known for helping with air conditioning concerns, the truth of the matter is that we serve your whole home. In this month’s article, we would like to share with you a little about how Hobaica has evolved over the years to provide full home services, as well as how our techs are able to wear so many caps!

Hobaica Services - A History Of Being Your Whole Home Provider

Hobaica Refrigeration: 1952 - Mid 1960’s

Hobaicas Refrigeration First Truck 1
Paul Hobaica's first branded truck.

When Paul Hobaica started Hobaica Refrigeration in 1952, his focus was on commercial refrigeration. His one-man truck operation was run out of his home and helped local businesses with their refrigeration needs. Paul also started assisting friends and neighbors with their refrigeration issues. 

Hobaica’s Refrigeration & Air Conditioning: Mid 1960’s - 1989

Hobaicas Refrigeration Original Location
Paul Hobaica and his son Lou in front of Hobaica's original location in 1965.

Paul loved working with his commercial customers but felt drawn toward helping homeowners. Residents at this time had a need for air conditioning and heating service, so Paul expanded his focus to include residential air conditioner services. Much of the business came from referrals and word of mouth, so eventually, he was able to move into our first brick-and-mortar location!

Hobaica Air Conditioning - 1989 - 2006

After years of hard work and dedication to his company, Paul decided it was time for retirement. This meant his children would take the reins of the business and decide to focus solely on the residential side of the company. With new leadership and a new focus on homeowners, Hobaica Air Conditioning jumped head-first into all things heating and air. 

1995 brought a brand new industry to Hobaica too, as the technicians pivoted from refrigeration to wine cellars, a budding venture on which our technicians were educated and trained. 

Hobaica Services - 2006 - Present

With air conditioning and heating services going strong, the team kept hearing from clients about new home service needs. Often they would ask for recommendations for a reliable plumber, or for help with their electrical system. As a company trying to fill a need in our area, Hobaica decided to expand again to include more home services. 

The name officially changed in 2006 to Hobaica Services in preparation for adding new fields. After much planning and extensive training, in 2010 we proudly added plumbing to our field of expertise! We then included sewer and drain service in 2018 and electrical service in 2019. 

It may seem we’ve reached our goal of becoming Phoenix’s whole home provider. In our ever-changing world, however, we continue to build our knowledge base for new home services. Just in the four years since our electrical division began, for instance, we’ve expanded our services to include the rapidly rising need for installing electric car charging stations

Ultimately, we are STILL growing and broadening our knowledge and expertise to make sure we can provide the home services you need.  

The Hobaica Technician - A Master Of Home Services

0244 Compressed

A technician at Hobaica is truly a home services master. We do things a little differently at Hobaica when it comes to our team. First of all, we typically hire individuals with little to no experience in the home services field. We do this so we can train them the right way from the start, ensuring our techs all provide the same high level of quality work.

In addition, we onboard our teammates to any service they would like. We have hired a group of enthusiastic, hard-working individuals who love to learn and grow their professional skills. Therefore, most of the techs at Hobaica are licensed and certified in all of the fields we offer. That’s why, when you call us to check out a leaky faucet, we are happy to also check out a faulty outlet or a blocked sewer line. Our group is ready to help with your whole home! 

We Have Got You Covered!

We love sharing info about our history and team, almost as much as we love helping our clients and community! Don’t forget to call Hobaica for your home comfort needs from top to bottom at 602-633-9555 . In and around Phoenix, our team has got you covered!

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